Links go slowly until I stop project and start it again

It's weird, it's so slow until I restart to project, then it builds links at full speed... What is this and how do I fix it?


  • I also hve this issue for the past few updates, not sure what is wrong :-ss
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    Not sure if this will help your situation, but if you want to stop and restart your projects, try the Scheduler. It's next to the Start/Stop button. I set mine to run 20 projects for 20 mins, and "Stop projects with status Active (Pause)"...


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    Olve1954, i get same issue even if i run just 1 project.
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    @itsme ;

    Iam not sure if you are having the same issue, when i first start the project with 1k threads, it was really running with 1k threads, but after awhile, it dropped to <100 threads and of course the speed also went down the drain.
    After restarting, it went back up to 1k threads again... :|
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    This happens quite a lot at the end of a 'batch' that's been loaded due to timeouts according to Sven. I've described the problem in this post
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