Conversion table for [options] in *.prj to friendly names in GUI

varthdavervarthdaver Sydney, Australia
Hey fellas,

I'm much happier with doing all my edits in bulk to the *.prj files directly, but I often have trouble relating the friendly names in the GUI to the options listed in the *.prj file.

Is there a conversion table for mapping [options] to friendly names in GUI?



  • varthdavervarthdaver Sydney, Australia
    for example, the bizarrely named:

    overwrite auto add anchor url=1

    shows up as "Try to Always Place a URL with an anchor text in descriptions/comments" in the front end.

    (that one took me 20 mins to find!)
  • haha! yeah, I also had this problem from time to time. :)

  • Also, fyi, I did start mapping out some of the options values for my tool LazyBlue. Like for the use site list type, I have mapped it to:
    0:nothing selected;1:(I)Identified;2:(S)Submitted;4:(V)Verified;8:(F)Failed;3:(I) (S);5:(I) (V);9:(I) (F);11:(I) (S) (F);7:(I) (S) (V);15:(I) (S) (V) (F);13:(I) (V) (F);6:(S) (V);10:(S) (F);14:(S) (V) (F);12:(V) (F)

    Check this video for some info on what I did:

    But I haven't thought of including the friendly description of the options keys in the mapping. :) Willl probably add this. Thanks!
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