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My 50 BuyProxies show up as 200

varthdavervarthdaver Sydney, Australia
I have a subscription for 50 private proxies, that I'm loading through the special API url they provided.  But SER tells me I have 200 private proxies, plus the 1000 or so public proxies it's also scraping.  I'm guessing this means that SER is sending 4x as much traffic to my private proxies as it should, which I'm worried could be burning out my proxies and leading to my abysmally low LpM


  • It's going to balance them out anyway - so if each proxy occurs 4 times, all have 4x the chance of being picked = no difference.
  • varthdavervarthdaver Sydney, Australia
    Thats good to know, zero.  Still a bug though.
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