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✮✮✮ Index Your Own Links *AUTOMATICALLY* ✮✮✮ Never Pay For An Indexer Again ✮✮✮

I'm going to keep this short. This is how to index your own links... without using a fancy super expensive indexer.

1. Make a dummy Google account
2. Make a dummy Blogger blog
3. Copy your verified URLs, go to TextMechanic and paste your URLs in the first box and add <a href=" as prefix and
">here</a> as suffix.
4. Get the output and make a post on your new Blogger blog
5. Google will crawl and index the blog within a few hours, and it will also notice the new links that you have in your posts and index them

Tips: You can only have a post so big on Blogger, so make sure to separate every 5,000 or so URLs because they don't allow huge posts

You're welcome, you can now cancel your indexer (especially the new one that just pings links with a '3 layer super power process').


  • goonergooner
    Nice post - I've used video autoblogs, commenting and some automation tricks before and that worked pretty good at the time.

    What kind of index rate do you get with this method? Any idea?

  • Last night I put in 1,000 random blog comments on random blogs and verified them - all with a footprint (something like zerotestindex1039138zxcv) and posted.

    800~ results on Google when you search the footprint now. I limited blogs OBL to 15 so that I don't get spammers indexing them as well.

    I do have a complete automation system that @umerjutt00 built for me (for free, ty) and it is what's allowing me to index all of my verified URLs.

    Basically I manage 50 Google accounts each with 50 blogs. 50 x 50 = 2500

    So, every x verified URLs, it takes the URLs and then logs into a random account and makes a post on a random blog. This ensures that the blogs don't get deleted, and so far, so good.

  • goonergooner
    Awesome. Very nice share :)
  • Thank you.
  • indeed great info!
  • Thanks for the info .. great share.

    No content in the posts ? just links ?
  • Very nice share thanks man
  • You guys can top PMing Umer about the bot, you're not going to get it... sorry.
  • edited August 2014
    I tried this, the posts got indexed in Google, then very soon after were deindexed, maybe within 20 minutes. It doesn't really work because the posts will be taken down fast. I expect it may work with a smaller amount of links per page. I tried with pages ranging from 3k to 4k links.

    During those 20 minutes then about 100 got indexed, but after that it slowed to nearly none.
  • The posts don't get deleted if your accounts are decent. I have 50 accounts, 2500 blogs. All double verified and aged at least for 1 year. No posts or blogs have ever been taken down - you're going to need more than a new, unverified account / new blog and new blog post with 5k links.

    They don't get deindexed, it's silly to say that if your post gets removed because of laziness.
  • Without wanting to start an argument, your first post says that this does work with new blogs, in fact your instructions specifically say to use a new blog.

    "4. Get the output and make a post on your new Blogger blog"
    There was no mention of waiting a year in the steps given.

    My posts were not deleted, they were deindexed from Google search. They still exist on the blog, but the post no longer appear in a search. They were indexed for a short amount of time.

    I appreciate that this may work and it's a good idea, but giving instructions and then calling me lazy for following them is rather strange.
  • It works with new blogs, but I didn't think that you'd at least try to make the blog semi legitimate by adding some spun content or even duplicate from Wikipedia.

    If you're looking to index thousands of links (larger scale), then aged accounts and bots may be necessary.
  • @toasterman, a new blog doesn't equal new account.

    I conducted a lot of experiments with blogger, and if you have an old PVA verified account,
    you can do almost anything with it.

    I've never had deletions even with gibberish content and heavy link spam on such accounts.
  • edited August 2014
    I'll dig up some old YouTube accounts that I have and make some blogs on them. I'm wanting to index upwards of 70k links per day, so I'll have a look at how this goes.

    Thanks for the help.
  • google loves blogspot on any way ;)
  • @zero - Thanks for the tutorial. Can I add more than 1 post on the same blogger? Or It's necessary create another bloggers?

  • Is this what indexers do then? Host your links somewhere on a well-crawled site? Never really understood what or how they work and never been bothered as long as they work.
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