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Article builder for Tier 1 link. Is it good choice?


I want to create high quality link tier 1 link. I heard article builder provide high quality and human readable article. Is it true? Do anyone use it. Any personal review would be good.


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  • goonergooner
    Accepted Answer
    Yes it's true, but it's not usually 100% unique - More like 90% or if adjust the settings to make it totally unique then quality can suffer slightly. Having said that i use it for tier 1 with no problems so far.


  • steelbonesteelbone Outside of Boston
    Its all i it
  • I've been using it here and there the only thing i hate about it is that it doesnt have subniche articles and that sometimes is a must. 

    If you dont need that then i must say its probably the best on the market for the moment.
  • I'm also using for my tier 1 and tier 2. I'm using the spin, spin together a number of articles, and the superspun options. Works okay for me, and yeah its better if your target market is part of its available categories, although I confess that if the category of my target market isn't available in AB, I just choose the closest one.

    shanrocks666  if you're considering getting articlebuilder, I'm not too sure if there are still coupons/discounts now to get it at a lower price than what it says on articlebuilder main site. You can do research.
  • goonergooner
    @dmrt i do the same if my niche is not available, we are soooo lazy! :D
  • edited August 2014
    I use it for some t1s but usually for the ones that i don't care...
    article builder is not bad though you don't want to put articles on your important t1s since you wil get busted sooner or later

    here is an example... A sentence from article builder about debt consolidation
    "Negotiate with each of your creditors to resolve your debt to them via one large payment"

    Google results
    About 1,950 results
    with quotes

    This is not even spun one. There is probably ten thousands of this article.

  • goonergooner
    @derdor - I use super spun content, 20 articles spun together and i have checked some of the unique spins and usually you will find no more than 5 - 6 dups out there.

    But of course as they get more users more and more dups will appear.
  • yeah just what @gooner said. using the spin options will give higher unique percentage, although drawback will also be the quality(still okay, but might be flagged if manually reviewed). Anyways, I'm just after those links that stick after x days. :)
  • edited August 2014
    Unless it is extended spin, i get at least 500 results for a given sentence. But i check them as sentence not paragraph or article level.

    from a super spun article
    "Find out how to add to your customer base and inspire confidence and loyalty in your products with the effective tips below"

    1810 results

    I never saw single digit result from big G for a sentence.
  • goonergooner
    @derdor - I was checking in Copyscape with an external tool, i guess it was checking on paragraph level.
    In G checking by sentence level yields thousands of results, you are right.

  • Why not just download the superspin from AB, spin the spintax in wordAI on the word/phrase level (with sentence rewrites), load it into your campaign (preferably using a macro, if poss.), and never worry about it again.  ;)
  • edited August 2014
    I tried that and worked like a charm to some point.

    The problem is 250k word/month limit is very low for me. That is one of my bottlenecks these days. If there is a workaround WordAI's limit i will glad to learn about it.

    I usually need at least 10x of that.

    Tonight i created a campaign for 1.000 articles with SCM. 3 to 5 paragraphs which 10 paragraph variation. This even makes it more than 250.000 words by itself.
  • @derdor agreed, this is probably why I dont use wordAI a lot . The API limits is one hell of a headache.They bill you crazy if you exceed the quota . Is there an alternative ? How effective will it be if I get some AB articles and done bother spinning it ?
  • I also tried getting AB articles, then spinning it with spinrewriter. Problem was that it was slow, and output article still wasn't at par vs just getting AB articles with 'superspun', 'spintogether', and 'to spin' options. 
  • goonergooner
    @spammasta - You can try Spin Rewriter. Not as good as WordAI but i don't think it has the same restrictions.
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