GSA hates a project / won't build links to it


Well, this has never really happened before, but on my new machine (it's so much better than my old dedicated server) I've been running GSA with no problems at all, the speed has been absolutely great (scraping only), but the problem is that one project is being stubborn.

I've restarted GSA, my machine, deleted and readded the project -- same settings as others (duplicated and changed anchor/url) and it won't get past 200 submissions.

No filters/limits per day - project name is soup:



  • I'm finding this is happening quite a bit to me as well. 
  • My 1st suggestion would be lowering you threads as it seems you get out of memory. This might be the reason why that project isnt getting enought attention.

    Keep in mind ser is a 32bit software so it wont use even 4 Gb of ram ...but close :)
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    @zero, try setting all your projects' Priority to Low(-), and see if it helps.

    I once set all my projects (100s) to High, and SER uses up too much computer resources and crashed...

  • zerozero yashar
    @Olve1954 Still no luck /:
  • >deleted and readded the project

    Maybe there's still some files not deleted. If I want to "refresh" my projects, without deleting and recreating them, I go to the projects folder and delete ALL files except *.prj and *.articles...
  • goonergooner
    ^^ That should do it the trick, if not it may have to be created from scratch.
    It's happened to me a couple of times as well, no idea why... Corrupted project files or something?
  • zerozero yashar
    Still nothing - it won't pass 204 now. D:
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    Out of memory may be the problem? That should not appear usually the project that causes this problem stops creating links.

    I believe a buggy url gets stuck and ser can't move past it.

    Try delete target url cache.

    Since barley any links were made, you could start the project from scratch.
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