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I am scraping list using gscraper but wondering the best way to load this list into Ser as when I load, then via the sort method in Options it takes a very long time so looking for a quicker way.

Can I just load as a file and it will sort itself when I run the projects or best for GSA Ser to sort it.

Or can I or should I use each individual project and right click and load by importing as a file.

Just looking for the quickest and most effective way.

Thanks in advance for any help on this.


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    the quickest way is to just import the scraped list straight way in the project BUT The most EFFECTIVE way is to let gsa sort out the list,and identify them first, then you can import through sitelist "identified" from there on gsa will run smoothly :)
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    to be honest i used both options and i prefer to import to project because then i only save verified and i dont get lots of useless idents
  • Thanks All,

    Question if I just import will GSA sort them automatically so other projects can use the list. Sorting a large list takes forever to complete.

    Thanks again
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    Yes if you import to ser in a project the project will first identify and after try to post.

    if you have the option to save it will save them without a problem.
  • goonergooner
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    @mlsto - If you select multiple projects and then import, you are given the option if you want to split the list over all selected projects. Is that what you mean?
  • Thanks again.

    Well I was going to use on one project first and as I add other projects hope the list would be recognized by other projects.

    Hope this makes sense.

    Thank you
  • goonergooner
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    In that case, best to select projects to run from verified folder - Then any good links you get from importing the scrapes will go to verified folder and other projects can use them.
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    yes i a agree with gooner on this last one :)
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    Thank you very much

    Appreciate the help very much :)
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    How about this, first load the list via " Import and Sort In" and then merging all the files in Identified folder and then loading merged file into project and running a project? Will that work?
  • I am thinking that can work, my whole issue was the amount of time it takes to sort say 70,000 urls, it takes about 2 days on my VPS.

    So was looking for a quick way where it would use the list and as it uses the list sorts it automatically so other projects can use it.

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