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Do I Really Need an indexing Software Or Service ?


I am just wondering if i really need an indexing Software Or Service ? Automatic indexing is not possible ?

Which indexing Software or service you preferred ?


Best Answer


  • Yes, you do. Generating links is easy, getting them indexed is not (nowadays).

    I use GSA SEI (use proxies) + lindexed + indefxiiciation.
  • @spunko2010 What is indefxiiciation?
  • @shanrocks666‌ he meant to say indexification
  • @spunko2010 are you still getting results with SEI?

    When I tested it, it didn't seem to be working anymore.
  • @spunko2010 GSA SEI is GSA SEO Indexer?

    Then , are you really getting result, I have search, many people complaining that GSA SEO Indexer is not effective.

  • I've had better indexing pinging links than using SEO Indexer. I don't waste the cpu on it anymore.
  • @shanrocks666 SEI is still good, it's just that it's a lot slower than other indexing services, because SEI focuses on the natural way of indexing. :) IMO
  • Never tested it, just assumed it worked with proxies. Are you guys using proxies who say it isn't working? I can see those sites it pings blocking your IP if you're not... Seeing as it was only $20 or whatevcer I dont' really expect much.
  • indexing is indeed hard recently but if you build quality links then its quite easy. i for one dont use indexing stuff as i want it to look as natural as posible
  • spunko2010 I used proxies with the "quick indexer". I tested using wikis I created with Magic Submitter. I saw 1% indexing using SEI. By simply using MS built in pinger I can get 10% indexing.

    I can confirm that the "links" SEI built did exist. I think the problem is SEI DOESN'T ping the links it builds so they are orphaned and unseen. I'm sure if you do the full indexer it would work, but that takes A LONG TIME.
  • @HUBBA interesting. Have you or anyone mentioned all of this to @Sven? I am sure he can make some changes if you have any ideas.
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