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New User Question - Submit Only Social Bookmarks

After battling with Magic Submitter for 2 years GSA SER is great!

I want to submit only to

 - social bookmarks
 - social networks,
 - microblogs
 - wikis

BUT the campaign set up is asking me to set up an article as well before it will save the other settings.

Also, I have done my first submission and although I did not check the article submission box, the software has still submitted articles?

What have I done wrong please?

Many thanks for all your help.

Mike C


  • Disable "Public Bookmark" and you are not forced to input an article...
  • Hey Olve - many thanks :-)

    Where do I find "Public Bookmark" to disable it please?

  • edited August 2014


    But @Mike73, I gave up on Social Bookmarks long time ago. Very low success rate, coz these sites use "Solve Media" as captcha and it's very difficult to break with GSA Captcha Breaker...

  • Got it - many thanks, much appreciated.
  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    @Mike73 - Keep in mind if you ever see the article manager tab appear, and you to automatically disable platforms that make this tab appear, you can right click in the article manager window > disable engines that use articles.

  • Thanks s4nt0s - that's really useful to know.

    Much appreciated.
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