doubt theads

few theads advise me with 100 private proxies?


  • zerozero yashar
    Accepted Answer
    500 threads / 0 sec delay
  • 0 seconds delay?
  • If you use them for scrapeing aswell i would suggest a max of 300 threads and max out the delay on scraping time.

    If you dont actually scrape 500 threads is ok but depending on what you are posting to i would suggest atleast 90 sec timeout to be on the safe side.

    If you use blog comments / guestbook and all that spammed stuff i suggest you max out timeout again.
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    this is my configuration to recommend me?
  • Hmmm.....for 500 threads i would say 120 sec between search quesries ...but you can try it out with 90 and see if it works.

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