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Is it possible to get only www links?

I want to buy this software but don’t know if it matches my requirements. I don’t want to do anything else but to get links to company’s www sites – I have its names under the keywords. For example:


museum of art =>

silverstone racing track =>


Is it possible using proxy to get list of, for example 100 keywords and get back first 10 google search results, than export all to csv? Will be there a column with google rank for links (to know which is first and the only one I’m interested in)?


  • www is nothing...
  • just so you know how system works .....www is just a permanent redirect on domain.tld.

    It doesnt matter whatsoever if you get a link from www or without it. It simple has the same effect.
  • thx for the answers

    I think I have to precise my problem – at the beginning I only have company names, let’s assume 300 precise names as Silverstone track race, Museum of Modern Art, Deutscher Bundestag, etc – and I want to get the www addresses of those institutions. So I have to open google, put one by one and copy first links… There is one solution called seoquake for Mozilla, it can write to csv all google search result – 100 for first page another 100 form second page etc. but you can ask only one question, for example “Hospital  
    England” (it will give as a result 300 or more links with hospitals and other press, facebook, jobs etc) – it’s not ok because I want to have only actual sites of Hospitals..

    I have names of all hospitals in my country but doesn’t have their www addresses  - so I want to get software which can ask google about all keywords (hospitals name) and give me back page rank where at the first place will be exact page www address.

    There is one program that works that way – Free Monitor for Google – but it doesn’t works with proxy and can’t export all data at one click.

    That’s why I’am asking, I have GSA email spider and it’s great but I need one tool more..

  • Ok i belive i understand you needs and as far as i know ser does not do what you actually want.

    Your needs are more targeted then most softwares out there actually do.
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