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DataShack issues

Does anybody have any experience on how to deal with DataShack? They say I'm sending DDoS attacks on their servers... I'm just running Gscraper/Xrumer/GSA (all with a lot of private proxies).

They're very ignorant.


  • Hello, my guess is they are doing port level scanning on their network which is triggering a "DDoS" event. Did they explain what type of DDOS this is? Often DNS reflection attacks are mistaken as doing alot of DNS lookups in a short time span. With this information it may explain things that are occurring here.
  • some packet bs
  • I have many DS servers and haven't had any problems since January. Who do you use for proxies?
  • BuySERListsBuySERLists Vancouver, Canada
    @zero there's a high probability that your proxies are leaking your IPs out. Did they say that they received some sort of abuse notification, or are they just tracking your outbound packets?

    If it's an outbound packet thing, you should change providers ASAP. If you're running your servers as hard as we are to make your lists (constant 50-100 Mbps on thousands of threads) then they will never be satisfied.
  • I keep saying this to everyone who wants to buy datashack. It won't go away.
    Had the same problem switch dedi, I wasted alot of time and money because of them.
  • Maybe I get away with it as I have many servers...
  • Got some very cheap servers on Datashack.No problems even with public proxies.
  • Strange how some have problems and others don't.

    I was going to try datashack out but these bad reviews made me stay away.
  • goonergooner
    Datashack did the same thing to me and at least 5 other people i know.
    Guess it's the luck of the draw.
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