Build More Tier 1 vs More Tier 2


I am on page 2 for a keyword, but I want to be on page one. Built 1.5k tier 2 and 15k tier 2, just wonder what course of action is better?


  • if competition is too high,i suggest increase your tier 1 links before building tier 2,also check your competitors and you can have an idea on how many links you need, but overall,seems you doing good,i'd suggest build more tier 2 ,but thats my opinion :)
  • Accepted Answer
    I would suggest good quality T1 and decent quality T2. 
    If high competition you can actually go with a T3 helps :)
  • Chess4532 nowadays key point is getting much more link juice from a link.

    That is why you see less backlink sites dominating most niches. So i strongly advice you try to get more juice from links so i would suggest tier2s more.

    Then again what you need to do is to check your competitors backlinks and simulate them. Check top 5 guys and look at their link profiles.

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