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Tired of *way too many* generic anchor texts automatically placed in platforms in Ahrefs/huge drops

I see a lot of threads where people ask why they get a lot of different anchor texts with GSA link building.

For example, some Chinese anchor (from DedeIMS, means homepage in the native language), homepage des autor besuchen (visit the authors homepage in German) etc.

Now, you're probably annoyed by seeing huge percentages of these in crawlers, such as Ahrefs.

You then disable the engines and continue posting - no biggie, right?


I was looking at a competitors link profile, and was surprised to see how many links the competitor had. I was especially surprised to see the default guestbook anchors that are used in the platforms that tools like GSA post to.


Now, I went and took a look at the recent links.

As you can see, Ahrefs counted one website guestbook page as almost 15,000 unique pages.

Now, let me explain why this happens and why you shouldn't give up your guestbooking endeavors.

1. GSA submits a link on a paged guestbook
2. Within a few minutes, it's on the second page because of other link builders, completely normal.
3. Out of the 10 new posters in those few minutes, 4-5 submit the link to an indexer.
4. The indexer picks up the link, and notifies other engines.
5. Your link was picked up by ahrefs on xx/xx/2014, pages 1 and 2 are visible because Ahrefs is constantly visiting the site (even though it's now on page 2, but ahrefs checked when it was on page 1 and 2)
6. xxxx links are submitted to the guestbook overnight, ahrefs adds xxx more links to your link profile
7. Ahrefs rechecks links in chunks, so when your link is not on the first xxx pages of the guestbook anymore, Ahrefs drops those links and you see huge drops.

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