Filter my gsa ser list in Market Samurai for 10$?

as far as I know market samurai is the only program with a bulk tool for testing link metrics I'm interested in (majestic seo trust flow, etc).

I'm not sure how big the list will be but I only want the best links from the list.


  • zerozero yashar
    Accepted Answer
    Google Netpeak and do it yourself for free.

    MS is for keyword research.
  • "free"- to use majestic seo on netpeak, you have to buy a majestic seo membership :/
  • zerozero yashar
    Accepted Answer
    I didn't think you expected a magical option to use their own membership :/
  • true enough, I didn't :)...

    I'm just a cheap bastard ;)
  • zerozero yashar
    Join the club :P

    Good luck finding someone!
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