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ser not stared


whenever, i try to start a project, the log show messages like this:--

setting up project
starting project

after 30 minutes 3 more logs found as below::-

Reloading url settings
Reloading url settings
Reloading url settings

it has been 3 hours but my ser has not yet start submission. i tried a project that is tier 3 and another is tier 1. both are same result. i run fine ser around 5 hours ago with submission and verification

how to fix it? thanks


  • i just understand the reason . ser does this when it does not get url from above tier . when i set all the filter in tier1, ser works . but there is also another problem

    my tier has 15 links and 12 links are dofollow. In my tier 2,i set the filter "do-follow only" . So this must generate 12 links from tier1. but ser does not work instead. how to fix it
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