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Truth about VPS

As a VPS user myself, I have been trying different service providers with mixed results. Over the past few weeks, I've noticed something that I'm pretty sure some people never thought about. 

When you buy a VPS from a vendor, they will say that you get your own resources fully allocated but in fact there's one very important point that they know is not true and they won't want to mention it to you or in public.

For example, if you buy a VPS with the following specs: Core i7 3.7ghz, 4GB ram and 50GB SSD hard drive, on paper it looks alright, right? Yes you will get fully allocated 4GB ram and 50GB SSD space, no question about it. But what about the one most important thing here, the CPU itself? Exactly ! It's being shared with some other people ! 

So a VPS vendor could simply buy a dedicated server with these specs: Core i7 3.7ghz, 24GB ram and 300GB SSD drive. Then they can come up with the aforementioned package selling it to SIX different people. These 6 people will get equally 4GB ram and 50GB SSD space. BUT they will be sharing the same CPU chip !

So however powerful the CPU may appear on paper, if it's being shared with multiple people running many different things on their respective VPSs, it will slow down, regardless of the CPU's speed, cores and threads. Just imagine if these 6 people are running just SER and CB at the same time and they use 300 threads each. That's already 1,800 threads altogether. Never mind all the other software they might also be running in the background.

Some VPS vendors might tell you if you ask them how many people are on the same node as you. They might say 2-3 people but how can you know for sure? How can you know they're being truthful ?

If you don't believe my theory, you can try what I did to confirm it's true. When SER first slowed down on my VPS for no reason even after I restarted it and Windows, I stopped it and tried running it on my average-specced home PC instead. And mark my words, it was running even faster here. So how can this be possible? I mean my home PC has nowhere near the specs of the VPS but it runs SER and CB faster? Simple, it's because it's a standalone system that's not being shared with other people. I'm mainly talking about the CPU which is the most important thing here. 

Anyway, I'd like to finally say if you're planning to buy a VPS, you should think about it carefully. Maybe spend a bit more and get a lower end dedi instead because while on paper its specs may not look as impressive but you will get everything truly allocated for yourself. And your LPM/VPM will be higher.

Good luck and happy spamming  :D


  • Thank you for enlightening us.
  • @zero‌ yeah some people just don't realise that unlike RAM and disk space, a CPU can't be virtually split up and allocated in such a way.
  • MorphManMorphMan British Expat lost in S.E Asia
    Some good info @bangkoklad‌, I didn't realise that's how it was setup, touch wood I've not had any notable issues with my VPS provider .. Guess I've been lucky
  • @MorphMan‌ it depends how many people are on the same node at the same time and how they are using the vps. What do you think will happen if another guy on your node is running, say, 1000 threads on SER?
  • solidseovpssolidseovps

    You think people who created the visualization technology didnt though of people abusing resources? some vitalization allow over selling and sharing resources and mostly are all linux based, some visualization technology give a 100% dedicated resources to each vps, so if you have 10 people on this server , 2 of them are using their vps on 100% of it resources, these 2 people will be automaticly run out of their dedicated resources and be slow while everyone else wont even feel it, they do share I/O but i am referring to your cpu and ram, so even if someone is running GSA Ser on 2million thread, he runs out of his resources, he is the only one suffering not the whole node.

    Hope this explains
  • bangkokladbangkoklad online
    edited August 2014
    @solidseovps‌ do you mind explaining how the shared CPU's cores and threads are allocated between users then? I don't think they can be easily or fairly allocated the same way ram or hard drive space is. Please educate me if you can.

    By the way, I thought I wouldn't mention this but since you jumped into this thread and started defending yourself when I didn't even say it's your vps I was talking about, then I'd like to advise you to state clearly on your advertised sales thread that your 7-day money back guarantee is nonexistent if people bought your vps on a discount (when you basically offer them a discount!)

    I'm stuck with you for the next 28 days having paid $90 in total. Unhappy obviously. But who cares, you already took my money...
  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    edited August 2014

    In which part we brought or defended or mentioned ourselves? we are talking since we are a vps provider and this forum i believe is for all people to discuss which i am one of them

    Also regarding our 7 days money back guarante, i believe it working, if you want to come and accuse someone please say the full truth or dont start it.. You bought a vps from us, later a day, you want to split it into two vps which we did, later one day after you want to upgrade to a dedicated server, we didnt say no in any of these, we asked you to go ahead and get the dedicated and we will prorate what you paid and put to your account balance, same like what we do to all our clients, you want to have your own rules, sorry doesnt work with us..

    Like you come here want to buy GSA ser license for a discount price and ask them to through in captcha breaker and indexer since you already paid for GSA Ser, i dont think it work this way

    Same idea with us, we are sorry you are not happy, we are not either

    Lastly i believe this is what you wrote:

    I'm stuck with you for the next 28 days having paid $90 in total. Unhappy obviously. But who cares, you already took my money...

    You can check this
    I dont think $72 usd is a 90USD today, and this is why we asked you to go ahead and get the dedicated since its more expensive than what you paid in the first place.
  • bangkokladbangkoklad online
    edited August 2014

    No, that was not my problem. My problem started when you asked me to buy a dedi and paid the full price for it and then you would prorate my remaining credit of the VPS to next month INSTEAD of allowing me to pay the difference NOW.

    Why did you insist I only use this remaining credit for next month??? Why not this month??? It simply makes no sense at all. If that money credit can be used to switch between your products, it should be used any time. But you were asking me to keep it for next month and as a result I would have had to pay another $90 when I already paid that same amount for the VPS. $180 expenses in a few days???? Are you serious ??!! Sorry but I simply don't have the money to burn.

    As for your analogy of GSA products, it's utterly illogical. Those 3 GSA products work in completely different ways and you're suggesting they work the same way. A vps and a dedicated server are essentially the same, the only difference being with the VPS you're sharing the hardware with some other people. Can't believe you'd run out of logical things to say to defend your business and come up with such nonsense. 

    Anyway, you still haven't explained how the shared CPU can be equally and fairly shared between users which doesn't come as a surprise since it can't be done in the same way ram and disk space can. 

    As for your statement, please see this from my Paypal page:


    Total amount paid: $90.85

    Last but not least, I'd like you to also explain why two members of your team gave me two completely different responses about your refund policy. Which is actually valid? 

    The first one from Frank:


    This second one from Martin:


    Please clarify..
  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    edited August 2014

    You can check our TOS

    The part where our collegue told you, he can refund you thats on the 28th which where you first bought your first one and wanted to refund it since you had it for only 5 days which is within the 7days, in your case now since you enrolled discount on both makes them illegable for refund, and also one of the two is pass already the 7 days money back guarantee even if we wanted, this is why we asked you to go get the dedicated and we will cancel the vps and prorate it

    You can ask all our clients here, this is how its done, you cant just use what you pay for dedicated, dedicated server has to be pay upfront in full, we never said we wont prorate these vps or add it to your credit balance, please tell us if we did? because we didnt

    But you want to have us to follow your own rules, I am sorry we have our own policy that we follow with all our clients, we believe all our clients are treated equal and we never had a complain before aside of you of this issue.
  • @solidseovps

    Of course, Solid, it's that small print that actually is the problem here. That's precisely why I said you SHOULD state clearly in your sales thread that the 7-day money back guarantee is nonexistent if a product is bought on a discount. 

    How many people do you really believe read small print of products like that? I think you get an idea.

    Some of the questions I asked earlier about a few things still remain unanswered. And I know they will remain that way because you can't answer them.
  • solidseovpssolidseovps

    We never actually have any problem with any of our clients because we always do our best to work with them, as i mentioned earlier and i am mentioning again, you want your own rules, we delivered what you paid for, you want to upgrade to something else, want us to cancel what we have and toward this money to something else, it doesnt work this way with us, Yet we trying to work with you and told you, fine we will prorate it, since our dedicated server need to paid in full go get it, you dont want to get it , this doesnt make it our fault in anyway

    I hope this would be all
  • @solidseovps

    I'm sorry but I just don't understand why if you cancel my VPS now and prorate my remaining credit, why can't I use this credit now and pay the difference for a dedi. 

    Every single dollar/cent would have been paid from my side. I wasn't asking you to pay the difference for me. It wasn't like that at all.
  • solidseovpssolidseovps
    edited August 2014

    This is the last time i will explain it for you, please focus with me here

    You paid for item you received, Now you want a new item? this new item is different, we ourselves buy it on your behalf, which means needs to be paid in full, in this case you need to pay it

    The two item that you have with us, we cant cancel them and take this money add to it and pay your dedicated, doesnt work

    Yet we told you, go get the dedicated and all what you paid we will add to your balance (Didnt we said that??)

    So which part You dont like here? Thats why i am telling you, you want your own rules, We are sorry, we have our owns, works for us and for our clients.

    If we were that much caring about money, whywe would even care to offer to prorate it for you??..

    I think bangkoklad you are just confused or unfamiliar with the system in general and this is not our system, thats a global standard, most even wont prorate it,
    would ask you to wait full billing cycle and once ends upgrade.
    We try to be as flexible as possible if its in our hand, same like what we did with the first time we prorated the first vps, since its in our hand we did it no questions.
  • @solidseovps‌ Then why can't you refund me? Even for the second vps which I literally ordered 2 days ago? Then you will say because it's a discounted product and can't be refunded. If you want to meet me half way and refund second purchase so I can go find my own dedi solution, then we can end it on good terms.

    Here's my second vps stats:


    I don't know what the issue might be but clearly it's not performing well for me.
  • solidseovpssolidseovps

    We have a website that has support tickets, This forum is not for this, you wanted to bring it here we replied back to you earlier

    if you are trying to find another way, you can open a ticket.
  • @solidseovps‌ ok gonna open a ticket now.
  • bangkokladbangkoklad online
    edited August 2014
    After a brieft chat, I got a partial refund for my second vps but lost ALL my work on it because I didn't back it up and they 'assumed' I already did so deleted my account within a minute of the refund lol

    So what I then did was quickly backed up my work on the other vps and told them they could keep it as I wouldn't be using it any more.

    In the end, I paid $90 in total and got refunded $18 with 50% of my work vanished. Of course, my own stupidity, a lesson learnt the hard way lol.

  • BuySERListsBuySERLists Vancouver, Canada
    Sucks to hear you ended up paying $90 for a crappy VPS experience.

    Might I suggest just paying a bit more for a dedicated server and doing things yourself? There's a ton of deals located at WHT here:

    We have a handful of quad and hex-core Xeon dedis running from $120-$160 a month including Windows Server 2012 licenses. Drop the extra $30 and eliminate the hassles.

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