GSA SER and Wicked Article Creator integration

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Wicked Article Creator (WAC) has the ability to create a bunch of site content specific comments, etc.  for GSA.  Anyone here know how to export these so they can be used in GSA.
Is there a way to do it or is it a cut and paste operation?

Thanks to everyone.  I asked a question last night and it was answered this morning.  I also emailed GSA last night and had a response this morning.  I think that's pretty good customer service and a robust community on the board.


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    This is admin from wicked article creator. To export you can go to WAC GSA export tab and export to a file or to the database. When you do to the DB you get an ID in your clipboard.

    Now open a new project in GSA -> Check what you want to select in left (link types) -> click on tools and then auto-fill -> WAC and enter the ID you got from WAC. It will fill everything right now except the articles.

    Sven is releasing an update tomm which will fill all the paras too. Right now it is filling only first para.

    Also always email our support to get your doubts cleared.

  • wacadmin: at 2.8 export to gsa not worked, it returned back some error message like 'ftp component error' or something similar. i still not checked it in 2.81
  • Thanks WAC admin
  • 2.81 works for sure, I just did it the other day.
  • wacadmin  hello sir . It is 6 days now since i cant use my WAC :( 

     When i start the program .. i get this kind of error

    Questions :

    1. How to fix this?

    2.  How to avoid this?

     The only problem on my WAC is when i click "Auto Build" i will just go not-responding
      If I used paragraph mode(on work mode} but when i used lines mode , something will pop-up that my line are not enough for min-max...

    thanks in advance
  • hi guys please don't wait for days about errors. Always send emails to support with your erros. I never receive any error complaint in my email and i want to fix as many as possible. Whenever you do anything and see an error get back to me ASAP.

    mafcra  : Please download the complete setup from the website and work in that. Previous versions (2.7) had a missing file which caused the error.

    kilauea999 : Yup it does. I myself added 5 campaigns yesterday (for someone else)

    lrichard2112 : Please get to me on email The screenshot looks like a bug which needs to be fixed. Also i will assist you with the less lines problem.

    Also anyone reading this - please contact support as soon as you encounter any error.

  • wacadmin  ok i will.

    thanks for the quick reply.
  • Before my i cant use my WAC.

    I noticed a sudden change on what articles WAC gaved me.

    Here is the SS :

    Why is that, that the auto-builded articles is like that?

    When I first used WAC, I didnt had this kind of result.

    please help.

    thanks in advance 
  • i have sent you an email. Make sure you are working in line mode. Also please watch theis video on auto-build :

    If you are doing everything like this then there is probably a bug. Please let me know.

  • wacadmin  Super thanks for that super fast update

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    Hi glad you liked it. There is another update coming in next 4-5 days of time to add more senuke and magic submitter export options. I am studying the UD import options and might add that but later. Senuke and MS will be added first in 3-4 days time.

  • If you don't mind,may I know where could I have WAC ID? I purchased the wac but have no idea on where the ID is.
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    When building GSA Search Engine Ranker project go to the Export tab and choose "Export to database"
  • Hello WACadmin

    i am using the latest version of 3.8
    I am using GSA and WAC both latest version

    i need to export contents from WAC to GSA

    I did this which which didnot work out

    1. Open WAC and setting for translate to foreign language
    2. Keyword entered and and select project type as GSA search engine ranker
    3. Build it and contents are shown
    4.The pop up shown and in foreign language no  text are translated and whenever i exported and got a wac id from export to database and went to gsa and went to article manager and add the text from wac and entered the id but it shows error

    "sorry nothing was added "
    file_get_contents (C:\netpub\vhost\\wacwso\api/1...) with a pop up

    am i doing sth wrong or it s a bugs

    i trued from the other way as well it doesn't translate to German and Polish language for GSA

    Let me know how to fix it or the steps

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