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[THANKS] GSA SER rocks! :)

edited December 2012 in Other / Mixed
Hello everyone,

just want to thank to Sven, Ozz, s4ntos, Erbsensuppe, Globalgoogler and all of you in this forum! I have been using GSA for 2 months (and manual submission as well). I get #1 Google SE for some keywords. One of them has local search 4400 and its competitors have PR 8 with 6 digit backlinks, etc.

My website was disappeared from SE about 1 week. I asked Google Webmaster Tool if it was penalized, but it wasn't :)
After 1 week, it went back to its position and still number one until now. Since my website sells Christmas gifts, it rocks \:D/

Thanks again!

P.S. I haven't used all features of GSA such as footprints searching (but I will. I must learn more to use it). 
P.P.S How I use this software : no special things, just doing what "the coaches" told us in this forum :)



  • SvenSven
    Thanks for providing that review :) To most people accessing this forum it must seem that the software is complicated to use or not worth it by all these questions and "bug reports". Nice that sometimes people post here without having issues or actually want to say it works.
  • @kleinemaus, Don't post to your success stories cause you will create more competitor... hahhaa

    I agree with you... Sven you are GOD.... Thanks for creating this Monster Tool...  Really... Thanks...

  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Awesome to hear! 
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