GSA didn't save submitted & verified URLs after PC reboot

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Hi all,

I had 4 projects running in GSA for around a week I had around 10k links submitted for each, and 2-3k verified links. Today I had to reboot my PC. So I stopped all projects, closed the program, and launched it after reboot.

Now it's showing 0 submitted, 0 verified URL's for each project, except for one, where there are 10k submitted, but still 0 verified. How can I get those URL's back, or they're gone completely? How can I make sure it will save at least Verified URLs next time I want to reboot a PC?



  • SvenSven
    The program saves it periodically not only after quit. So something else might be the cause of this problem. Maybe the program run in a sandbox or HD space was low.
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