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ReverseProxyOCR or Captchatronix

Hi there,

I use ReverseProxyOCR and I wanted to get some feedback for captchatronix.
Pricewise they seem to be on the same level.
But do they solve the same captchas or is captchatronix only solving recaptchas whereas reverseproxyOCR tries to solve other captchas as well?

If someone who tried both services could share his/her opinion I would really appreciate it.

How do they compare speedwise?
Do they have a lot of downtimes and so on?


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  • goonergooner
    Accepted Answer
    I have been using CaptchaTronix for a few days and my first impression is that it is really slow.

    Up until a month ago i was using ReverseProxy and i have to say that seems much quicker.
    RP also solves mollom and a few others, although i have asked for a full list numerous and never seen it.
    CT solves only Recaptcha

    The solve rate for CT does seem a bit better but the drop in speed means i can only use it for the most important projects/tiers, you also need a lot of proxies because otherwise you end up with harder captchas and even IP blocks in some cases, but that's down to Recaptcha not the OCR.

    All in all, i wouldn't recommend either other as things are at the moment. I'm really hoping to see increased speed and better solve rate. 
  • goonergooner
    Accepted Answer
    No probs.

    DBC would be too expensive i think. I would recommend CaptchaTronix if they can sort out the speed.
    Solve rate seems pretty decent.
  • goonergooner
    Accepted Answer
    True, but Captcha Breaker also solves Mollom pretty good now.

    So i guess it would be CB for general captchas.
    Captcha Tronix for Recaptcha
    and @banditim's text captcha breaker.

    You would be solving a lot of captchas with that set up.
  • Accepted Answer
    @gooner exactly my setup - works well..
  • goonergooner
    Accepted Answer
    @banditim's text captcha service solves the text captchas like "what color is the sky?" etc.

    Hopefully he'll see this and jump in to explain it better than me.

    It's in beta testing at the moment, so i am trying it out.

    My setup is the same as my ideal except i am only using CaptchaTronix for tier 1's.
    In an ideal world i would use that for everything but at the moment is slows my server way too much.

    DBC could be useful too, as things are i am doing ok with rankings without it - So it's money that could be spent elsewhere but if that changes i would use it for sure.
  • goonergooner
    edited July 2014 Accepted Answer
    It's pretty easy to do. I don't set up the captcha services in CB, i set it up in SER.

    So In SER you add CaptchBreaker as first service and CaptchaTronix as second service.

    Then in tier 1 projects, go to project options and select "Ask all service/user to fill captchas"

    For all other tiers, in projects options change it to "Ask 1st service/user to fill captchas"

    So then only tier 1 will use 2nd service which is CaptchaTronix.

    Let me know if that makes sense and if not i'll make a screenshot.

    BanditIMs captcha service is similar to askmebot, exactly right.

    It's hard for me to comment on SER scraping, i haven't used it like that since last year sometime. But if i remember correctly, the % of verifieds is always much lower when SER scrapes. 1 - 2% does sound especially low though. Maybe you should be more selective in your engines and only choose those that get better verification rates.
  • goonergooner
    Accepted Answer
    No probs mate, you're welcome.


  • Thanks @gooner.
    What would you recommend for the hard to solve captchas at the moment?
    DeathByCaptcha? Probably to expensive.
  • But you said it does only solve recaptchas right.
    So what happens to harder molloms and the other hard to solve captchas.

    I mean how would your perfect captcha solving funnel in GSA and CB look alike?
  • What is banditims text captcha breaker?

    So you would set CB as first option GSA SER settings.
    Then within CB toggle recaptchas to go to captchatronix and as a second option within GSA SER you would add banditims text captcha breaker?

    Would it make sense to do it this way and just add DBC as third option in GSA with filters for dofollow, PR3and up and hard to solve captchas only.

    This way you would really get most of them.

  • And one more question because you wrote "it would be..." but which setup do you use right now @gooner?
  • Ok would you mind sharing a screenshot of your CB settings and your GSA SER captcha settings?

    And how do you use CaptchaTronix only on Tier 1 when you have set it up as service inside CB. Wouldn't CB send all recaptchas to captchatronix then - no matter if they come from a tier 1 or tier 2 or tier 3 project?
    Or do you split Tier 1 and Tier 2 projects on different GSA SER installations? Because as far as I see it the way captcha settings are right now I can only set them on a per install basis or I would have to set Captchatronix as second service inside GSA SER instead of inside CB and then select only use first service for the Tier 2 projects.

    I asked Sven a while ago if it would not make sense to give the captcha settings an own tab on a per project basis like the article manager.  He agreed but nothing is implemented yet so not sure if he will change that down the road.

    For the banditim text captcha thing - I have askmebot - but not sure if this still works properly. Would his service be something similar or is this the service you are talking about?

    And one other but not so related question: I have it running with scraping search engines (no list selected) for a couple of days/weeks now and I submits to 45k- to 60k links per week per campaign (consisting of 10 projects) but when I click verify links I usually only get 1000 to 1500 live verified links - I mean I know there is a discrepancy between submissions and verified links but in this case that is huge - only like 1-2%.
  • Ok I figured this would be the setting.
    And when you add a third service like DBC , your Tier 1 projects would use that as well. 

    Thank you so much @gooner. I appreciate it.

    If @banditim let's me still into the beta I will get his service.
  • zerozero yashar
    Hey @Sammy262 - some things to add.

    @BanditIM has a great text captcha service, we're testing it out and it looks great so far, no issues.

    @innozemec - I think that he had an idea and then worked on it a little and rushed out the sales thread. A team member of mine that doesn't compromise on speed (@peterngo91) runs at 500 LpM and 300 VpM, but he doesn't like it as well. It's slow and there aren't many good reviews, and the reviews on the site seem a bit unreal.

  • @gooner cheers fella - never really thought how much the OCR would affect the LPM.. Changed my setup to how you said and saw an instant increase :)
  • goonergooner
    @jjumpm2 - No probs man, i was shocked when i saw how badly OCR was affecting speed.
  • @zero: Your last post part "I think that he had an idea and then worked on it a little and rushed out the sales thread. A team member of mine that doesn't compromise on speed (@peterngo91) runs at 500 LpM and 300 VpM, but he doesn't like it as well. It's slow and there aren't many good reviews, and the reviews on the site seem a bit unreal. " was this refering to captchatronix?

  • I am just not getting any good lpm at all. Not sure if my settings are totally messed up what's wrong. Even with a fresh list and 10 projects running I only get round about 15-20lpm right now. Can one of you guys maybe help me out and check my settings tomorrow? I would pay for your time of course.

    I just need to understand where my bottleneck seems to be right now.
  • goonergooner
    @sammy262 - Post your settings in a new thread and i'm sure you'll get plenty of advice, no need to pay anyone for SER tips thanks to this awesome forum :)

    In the meantime you can also turn off Reverse Proxy completely and see if that makes much difference.
    It still makes a difference even when used on tier 1 only.
  • I have it setup like this right now:

    CB first 3 retries
    In CB I only send recaptcha, drupal, kcaptcha to reverseproxyocr
    and then I have DBC with PR1-10, dofollow and hard captchas only as second solver in GSA SER.

  • goonergooner
    That sounds ok, i used the same setup before and it was fine.

    It could be to do with your general settings, project settings, engine selection etc.

    Could be that you are using too many Reverse Proxy threads and that is stalling the whole thing.
  • I think that was the case until today because I did send pretty much everything from CB that had a solve rate below 53% to ReverseProxyOCR but now I only send Recaptcha, Drupal, joomla und kcaptcha, that should be ok. 

    But it must be the other settings then. I will share my settings tomorrow and maybe someone can help me out. Thanks for your help @gooner. Again I appreciate every little help.

  • BlazingSEOBlazingSEO
    @Sammy262 @gooner @zero - Thanks for the input/questions guys. Yes we are exactly like AskMeBot, but not to give my competitor the cold shoulder on purpose, but we really have noticed better LPM, speed, and uptime as compared to AskMeBot. However, we are letting everyone be the judge of that themselves (and the reviews speak for themselves already). Sammy I'll give you one beta key to try out since we just closed testing. Just follow the instructions here:

  • innozemecinnozemec

    You might be getting slower responses as by default my service applies a random sleep/delay on the answers between 8-13 seconds in an effort to conserve your proxies from raising Recaptcha difficulty level. As Recaptcha is raising its difficulty with the frequent accesses from same IP

    From your dashboard at my website You can control this delay and you can have it totally disabled.

    My service real sovling time was about 2-3 seconds, and after the recent upgrades I made it is on average about 1-1.5 seconds and sometimes going bit high in peak hours depending on the system load
  • goonergooner
    Thanks @innozemec - I did try that but it didn't seem to speed things up that much.
    It could be some other problem but here is probably not the best place to discuss it.
    I will PM you later.
  • innozemecinnozemec

    Sure, drop me a pm or a ticket anytime you wish
  • Sammy262  @gooner
    reverse proxy ocr or captchatronix what is better right now?

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