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Ranked #1 for 2 keywords - 22k and 33k ms in less than 1 month w/ only GSA

First, some proof:

Keyword 1 (22k ms):
Keyword 2 (33k ms):

If @s4nt0s @sven @ron @gooner @satans_apprentice @loopline wants to verify (only people I can trust) - PM me.

Anyway, I'm not going to be posting the exact diagram I used, because it will be leaked... but if you PM me and purchase my list, I'll give you it.

The one thing that I did differently was filter and scrape my lists, and yes, this is self promo... and yeah, shameless (just like Tim89 - how I achieved these stats in 12 hr).

So, if you buy my GSA list (it costs $47 - and it's not launched yet on the BST here, I paid the thread, but waiting for my thread designer) and post here and then PM me for the buy link, you'll get the list + the exact diagram.



  • Just bought this - looks really good. Currently have 300 LpM on a pretty bad VPS (4 gb ram). Can't wait to try out the ranking diagram.. it's one of those things that you wish you would've thought of before.
  • nice list . thank you
  • Purchased the advanced link, very nice list and LPM. Diagram is also well worth the money, gets you thinking! Just started a new test campaign, will report back.
  • Thanks @alexander34 and @jjumpm2 for purchasing - let me know if you guys need any help on Skype or PM :)
  • Pmed you OP, can you answer? Thank you.
  • Interested, but i would like to see the stats of the list.

    Is this same list which you sent to 5 people for review as mentioned on other thread?
  • Just sent you a PM.

    raycol, no it is not. I've improved on it by quite a bit + it comes with the ranking diagram.
  • mirenmiren Macedonia
    Pm me the payment link
  • Hi, please send me Pm with paymanet link. Thanks.
  • I was one of the lucky ones to get to test @zero list. Out of over 196,000 urls there were 55,396 unique domains. That may sound like a lot of duplicates, but that is mainly due to blog comment sites. The list was very quick and verified nicely. I have SER set to not remove submitted unverified links so I can see that these links verified at a very high rate.

    I setup a 2 tiered project with tier 1 being dofollow anchor text links only. I got over 10,000 links for tier 1 out of 8,000 unique domains. I was only using CB, CS and BanditIM for captcha cracking.

    I need to go for some more article sites using paid captcha for recap. That should really crank up the contextuals. I look forward to these new lists!
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    You are lying. Link building started June 26-27.

    So thats not within a month.

    What you accomplished is the norm for now. Nothing amazing you did.

    If you can rank a site within a week (even within 2 weeks) these days that would be amazing. I would buy list right away.

    Before this waiting period I was able to rank within a week for high competition/volume keywords.
  • @j1387 keyword 1 ranked 1st on the 23rd, so he isn't lying...
  • Same for keyword 2 looking at the graphs...
  • @j1387 - I left the keyword and URL visible on the graphs on purpose.
    The waiting period started May/June according to people. I ranked the site within a month very late June.

    What waiting period? Are you guys seriously believing the rumors? This happens every year around this time... the same time when people say seo is dead.

    Go jump on that bandwagon - more for us.
  • edited July 2014

    Who said seo was dead? lol

    It just takes longer to rank for now :)

    You didn't accomplish anything out of the ordinary here nothing special. Your rankings just proves there is a waiting period. Before with this same strategy you be be on page 1 within a week.

    June 26 to July 23

    30 day wait period is a rough estimate of what we are seeing in delay, it is not an exact figure. Yours was 27 days, so yes nothing special.

    When you rank a site within a week then I will be surprised.
  • Within 12 days of Google putting my site in the results, I hit page 1. Things went up from there.

    You're saying there's a 30 day wait period. I beg to differ.

    Rank a site within a week? You should see some of the competitive French niches, bud.
  • How can I get the list @zero?
    I would be interested. Can you PM me?

  • @Sammy262 - I sent you a PM :)
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    No one is saying you cant rank in google right now, it just takes longer.

    And you are acting like this waiting period update doesnt apply to you but your rankings just prove there is a waiting period. It took you 27 days to get to that spot. This is normal as of now. I am seeing same results as you.

    Sorry to say you didnt do anything special here buddy, lol

    Also no need to buy your list, people can just go to Ahrefs and scrape them. At a cheaper price too :)
  • @j1387 - hmm... okay. You go and have fun scraping the URLs from ahrefs. I left the keyword and URL visible for a reason..

    I hope you know that you won't get the full ranking plan, you'll get duplicate URLs (ahrefs will see a guestbook as 1,000+ links) and... well, you really won't get anything.

    Ahrefs is a third party crawler. I have 250k+ URLs in my list.

    Oh, and btw... this is what ahrefs picks up ( / every page it will count is a unique link - but in my list, it's a single link).

    Ahrefs doesn't even have 1/5 of the 250k+ links (even with the duplicate links it picks up - lol:

    I don't even have those links in my list -- it was a negative SEO attack (I don't point spam to my own site, lol - and he did a sort of unique negative SEO attack as well, which was why in the graphs above you see, I was #1, dropped to the middle of page 1 a few positions, and then I recovered) from somebody I trusted from the beginning, who decided to attack me from day one when I showed them the page.

    Thanks for bringing my thread up to the top as well, I really appreciate it - made 2 sales in the meantime because of it being on the top.

    Your move?
  • Going to be heading to bed soon.

    Thanks for the successful day guys - really enjoyed working and collaborating with the SER community.

    To the current list owners and the ones that signup before June 2nd, I have something pretty awesome for you guys - I won't talk much now, but you'll be happy you signed up. Should receive an email on June 2nd about it (sent to your PayPal email).

    If you guys are interested in purchasing the ranking diagram + 250k unique verified list + extras (one of them being a login to a shared WordAi account I just got for all subscribers - included in the diagram) - then send me a PM and I'll reply when I'm back on in the early morning.

    To all of the current customers, thanks for your business, be sure to check your emails on the second of June for a little surprise. Also, you guys have my Skype so you can message me there any time, or if PM is more comfortable for you, I'm just a message away.

    Again, when subscribing, you're getting more than a lousy list... you're getting a complete detailed ranking diagram, full Skype and PM support, juicy bonuses (including WordAi turing plan, .gov and .edu [pure .edu and .gov, not or or stuff like that] links with no OBL, or little to no OBL [I think the max I sent out today had an OBL of 2] that are auto approve, etc) - you're joining our little 'family'.

    Again, watch out for the BST here soon. Some cool stuff in there too (don't think I'll include the diagram, as it was kind of a special for this thread, but I'll see - no guarantees) - just waiting for my designer to finish the thread design.

    Until then,

  • Pmed you.
  • Hey Alexander can you pm me? I want to get the list :)
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