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Why people are still blasting blog comments?

99% of them are nofollow, have 1000s of links on them and people are still using them like mad.
What is the catch???


  • indexing
  • zerozero yashar
    because we want to.
  • @zero Real wise answer buddy. My respects!
  • zerozero yashar
    @gopo2k - why? Because, the number on blogs created by 30 year old women who think they are professional bloggers and allow spun comments / disable comment approval is growing by the day.

    It's the quickest way to get links, just like guestbooks. Of course, if you only spam a platform like blogger, you're going to get 100% nofollow links, but that's not in your control.

    So, that's why. You guys go have fun with your little spam is dead party and pay hundreds for your 'contextual' lists while we make a killing off of pure spam.

  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    I think that most people fail to test and retest to see what works TODAY. I do a lot of testing and choose not to use blog comments.
  • @zero Yes. But by default those wordpress blogs are nofollow on comments. How does that help you rank?
  • zerozero yashar
    @gopo2k - Along with guestbook spam, it really helps even out the percentages of no/dofollow links.

    Google also acknowledges the fact that the links are nofollow, but they still do have some value. That being said, it's not good to have your link on a page on a random ladies website with 40,000 obl and nofollow attribute.

    I'd happily take a nofollow link on a .edu page with under 20 obl, though.
  • @zero So all your hard word in blogs is based on a presumption that they might have some value?
  • goonergooner
    Blog comments are really useful for indexing upper tiers. Not only that but if you spam a tier 1 property you know what happens to it... The PA/DA goes up which gives more authority to your tier 1's and that passes through to your money site.

    So for me blog comments on lower tiers still works great. Nofollow makes no difference they still boost the PA/DA.
  • @gooner

    how does "spam inflated" PA/DA give authority?
    what value does a "spam inflated" PA/DA have on ranking? i think not much.

    while i do use PA/DA to some extent when choosing domains for PBN's but the kind of PA/DA inflated by spam is worthless in my opinion.
  • goonergooner
    @jpvr90 - I'll have to disagree with you on that one. I'd take PA/DA over PR any day.
  • DA is a score, a benchmarkthat shows backlink checkers/Google/other search engines what 'power' the site/link is giving, so whether it's inflated using slow-ass white hat methods or insane spam doesn't matter. A score of 50 from spam is going to give more link weight than a DA score of 35 even if the latter was done with 'legit' links.

    Don't forget that there is no such thing as white hat, all manipulated link-building is against G's guidelines so with that in mind: spam is white hat and white hat is spam. 
  • goonergooner
    ^^ Agree 100% mate.
  • I'm with @judderman and @gooner on this.  DA counts and it doesn't matter (within reason) how it got there.

    @gopo2k I think the dofollow / nofollow debate is a bit of red herring tbh.  Doesn't matter whether they count or not (and I think they do). 

    For your profile to look natural you need both.  If you build only dofollows to your sites then you will stand out like a sore thumb.
  • @judderman: I don't put a lot of faith in PA/DA. I've seen sites get penalized with high PA/DA numbers. IMHO, the real test is MajesticSEO's Trust Flow and Citation Flow. If there's a big split between Trust and Citation, the site runs a high probability of being penalized. Every time I see ratings like TF-3 and CF-36, it's clearly spam. If I can see it, you can bet Google sees it. I believe that there is definitely a Trust factor in the Penguin Algorithm. I also believe that big TF/CF splits set off an alert at Google that invites a site audit and manual penalty. 

    It sounds a lot like the IRS. The wrong mix of deductions and income triggers an audit.

    Google is putting a lot more weight on their version of Trust, which is pretty difficult to fake, and can't be faked with SER. 

    In order to gain TF, your best bet is buying links on a PBN. Just make sure that the vendor's links have decent TF.
  • KaineKaine
    edited July 2014
    Although PR is dead, although he must remain a few rules here and there scattered, PR, Trustflow or DA, the result seems to be a mixture of it all. 

    I would say quality, syntax and semantics ... without wanting to dwell.

    Just look at the way that Google takes > Hummingbird.
  • edited August 2014
    sorry but i am no fan of DA/PA since moz's algorithm getting more shit every day. I have PA 55+ with only pure spam not even 1 contextual link.

    I am on the same side. If you are going to choose between 3 major authority go with Majestic seo's.
    Their problem is they are very slow crawling links.
     On the other hand ahrefs URL rank is a big joke too. Here is an example.

    URL Rank
    Ahrefs Domain Rank 

    This is a web 2.0 property that i have, only with comments including image comments & guestbooks and also 301s. Nothing more, not just one contexual or PBN link.

    Results for same property For PA from moz.
    Page Authority

    54 /100

    I have lots of PBN sites. I guarantee you that with PA 20 ones with 1 page and 1 link are passing way way more juice than PA50 spam links.

  • After some recent musings and testing this week I have to go back on what I said and agree with @derdor and @Satans_Apprentice, especially if the difference between TF and CF is more than 10 or so, but I also agree with @Kaine and think that do a little bit of everything to get places is the right way.

  • 2Take22Take2 UK
    edited August 2014
    I'm also in the 'trust' camp, with either 'moztrust' or majestic 'trust flow' being the ones I like to use. I generally pay lip service to PR and DA as well, but for me, it's really all about the quality of the links that are pointing at the site in question (along with the relevance).

    As already said though, they're all pretty subjective, and can be skewed by various other factors. For example you could have a site with a big gap in TF / CF, but it could just be caused by the fact they're masking their PBN from the majestic bot.

    Not sure what my little ramble has to do with the OP's original question though. lol
  • KaineKaine
    edited August 2014
    There may also be in a difference between good content for Google and bad content indexed because as many link to it : )
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