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How to get higher PR submissions

edited December 2012 in Need Help
GSA seems to bog down quickly if I put PR at 3 and more.  I have changed keywords, but there does not seem to be much to find. 

My set up is:

4790 keywords  (have changed kw's recently) am using Scrapebox for this.

Catch All email address

10 private proxies.  Have checked and proxies are good.

No pause the project (had it set, but keep ramping it up.

Use Captcha Sniper to fill

Using 200 threads and Html timeout of 130
Use proxies for posting

Do not have Custom Mode or Verified Links must have exact URL checked.

18 SE's checked. 

Skip sites with more than 200 outgoing links on one page
Skip sites with a PR below 3  (this was originally PR 3, but lowered to see if submitting would improve)

Avoid posting URL to same domain twice

Skip site where following words appear (I have about 20 porn related words.)

For category I have 5  business, General, Miscellaneous, misc and loans

My second and third tier (assuming above is first tier) are still submitting.

Delete Target url history

Any ideas or suggestions?  I have read tons of threads, but feel I am missing something somewhere.


  • There has not been a response on this, does this mean nobody is submitting to higher PR sites only?  making this not very useful for a money site.  Just trying to figure it out.
  • You will get very few results with high PR settings.

    Also, 10 proxies is too less for so many threads and especially when GSA has to also check PR. Google bans proxies a lot faster when checking PR so the results can be a PR 0 or PR N/A result though in reality the site may have a high PR.

    Naturally this will mean less links if you have set a PR filter.
  • OK, lowered threads, not a great help.  Is the answer updating key words more frequently?
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    @rliddle - what is slow/bogged down? How many links?

    Also - check your global lists, and see how many URL's are in there. If enough, then use the global list feature. 
  • I am having a similar issue and found that most of the high pr sites use recaptcha which the captcha sniper is not able solve - so even if the site was found, it was not submitted to.
  • global list feature?  @globalgoogler, could you explain or point to a link.  Could not find that.
  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    1) Under Global Project Options (next to start button) you will see it has option to save lists.
    2) In individual project options, there is option to use "Global Lists"
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