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Weekly Lists of 250,000 Verifieds - Pricing/Limitations?

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I'm going to start selling lists (very) soon. I have given out 5 people a test list of around 196k URLs (stats:

I will be releasing weekly lists of 250,000 verifieds, in .sl format. How much would you pay for the lists per week? There is no subscription/reservation, it's first come first serve. How much would you pay per week for the lists? How many people do you recommend I limit the lists to?



  • 250k uniques per week? 1 million uniques per month?
  • @bangkoklad - we have a separate dedicated server that scrapes targets 24/7 - we use our custom footprints which I have personally created.

    Every 3 days, we stop it, remove duplicates, and load the links into our other server for GSA to post to.

    We export the verified after 4 days and send it to the customers.

    Of course, there are going to be duplicate URLs on the 4 lists. The same rule goes for everyone... @vkp1988 said it best, I'm not going to take credit for his reply, so you can go read it yourself.

    We try to keep the duplicate URLs minimal by using different keywords and mixing up the footprints, but it's impossible to provide quality and quantity every week with no duplicate URLs shared between weeks.

  • Yes there's going to be duplicates I understand that. But if you read my review on his thread, it's well over 50% which to me is just a tad too much.
  • Well, I agree that 50% may be too much, but you need to understand that when making lists, we can't just load every other list that we've ever sold and dedupe the current list based on that.

  • bangkokladbangkoklad online
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    Well, I don't see why you can't do that. At the end of the day, you have all the lists there and it only takes a short while to load them up.
  • Nobody does that. If you think that a seller is going to do that, they're not. I'm not trying to come off as rude, but in reality, let's say that there are 5 customers.

    Customer 1 has purchased the last 3 of the sellers lists.
    Customers 2-5 are all first time purchasers of this sellers lists.

    Customer 1 gets around 3,000 duplicate URLs in his list. Not a big problem at all.

    Customers 2-5 are missing out on 80,000 URLs because the list seller deduped his list with all the previous ones he sold.

  • To be honest, the reason I'm being a bit sceptical is because I know that scraping for targets is an awful lot of hard work and when someone just comes up and gives such big numbers, I just don't find it realistic at all. 

    You're planning on making about 5 times the amount of targets the serlists team is producing every month. That sounds ambitious. 

    Anyway, I will be keeping an eye on your progress and if you end up achieving your goal without too much compromise on the quality of your lists, then I will be willing to give your service a shot for sure. Been doing just that with all the other list sellers on this forum :)
  • seriously just joined today and your going to sell lists. c'mon it's either your a newbie trying to make a fast buck or your hiding your main account here for some reason
  • @stranger - I work with @peterngo91 @umerjutt00 @yashar and @f0rest

    I'm not here to make a fast buck, lol.

    @bangkoklad - Don't see why they're setting the standard.. but sounds good. Let me know if you'd like to try the current list.. I'll send you a PM.
  • Sure. Always welcome to try new stuff.

  • I'll send you the new list for free once it's up and running.
  • The question is what price were you thinking to sell for? SERlist from what I have seen here set the bar on the forum etc and your looking to over deliver, how was the feedback from others?
  • 250000 is big, i will be interested to know the number of unique domains for those 250k urls.

    Also, i am not sure why some of the other sellers here have started to sell big lists with lot of duplicate domains.

    Since you are new, i think $25-$30/list should be the price.
  • Interested in trying your list, but as other's says i am afraid of the % of duplicate in your list, it begin to be a marketing trick to add more and more target and telling people that you can't control duplicate, just to block any future complaint.

    I will be your first buyer if you can only give a guarantee of low % of duplicate between your list.

    A low % of junk urls will be appreciated too, as i see they are high in the stat you give.

  • I'm testing zero's list now. There are 55,396 unique domains out of over 196,000 urls. I am getting good numbers though.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    If you eliminate blog/ping/track what are you left with (unique domains)? That's the number I care most about.

  • @Brandon - not much. There are very little contextual links in the list compared to the others.

    A few thousand.
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    Brandon I achieved a couple thousand contextuals only using CB, CS and BanditIM text captcha solver. Next I need to test only articles using paid cap service for recap.
  • royserparoyserpa (URL and Domain Deduped!) GSA SER VERFIED Lists! =>
    @zero So you basically are saying the list is full of non-contextual engines? If so, that's very easy to replicate. I can get 180k-250k verified blog comments a day.

    Hmm what engines would you focus on?
  • @omegajoe - check Skype ;)

  • Thanks zero for the list as well as the other extras.
  • @thomass - no problem. The sales thread is another one, though.

    I really appreciate you taking a few minutes to leave feedback, you know where to find me if you need any help or have any questions.


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