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No Targets AND super large target URLS

I am having messages saying no more targets to post to, but then I click show stats of target URLS (and it takes forever) and shows some super large number like currently says 8 million. How can that be


  • I am still having this issue and it makes no sense.

    "2014-08-15 13:12: No targets to post to (no search engines chosen, no url extraction chosen)"

    my identified list is over 9 million. it has built 6,000 links so far. it wont build links now.
  • SvenSven
    what are your scheduled posting settings ?
  • i dont have that setting on, although I did, but it was too slow so now I just turn off most and only run 3 or so at a time, still the issue persists
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    Did you post to these before, and "Duplicate" your old project?

    You may need to clear your target url history (Right click on project to find the option)
  • I did indeed duplicate an old project! but none of the projects have posted to (or tried) 9 million links.

    Im surprised it doesnt tell you that when you duplicate (it does mention clearing your 'posting to' links). I didnt think I needed to clear url history if its a "new" (although duplicate) project,

    So, now that they have been running. If I click clear target URL history, what happens. will it run fine or will I run into some sort of problem from it have been running; will I have to re-import the URLS to post to?

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