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very low LpM 0.02 with private proxy, list and other features.

Hello i need a help... I have a very low LpM I have good private proxy from squidproxies and buyproxyes - 50 private proxies. 
Last time i buy GSA list from this site:  and still i have the same problem. My GSA is on VPS with good parametrs Vps Extreme from
Also i use captchatronix service... 

I see a lot of errors in my projects:







Here i give you my settings: 





I'm adding site list in that way:



Please help me i dont know what is wrong:/ 


  • SvenSven
    looks like a proxy problem to me.
  • goonergooner
    edited July 2014
    Download failed is probably your proxies are being throttled. What happens is the proxy company feels you are using too many resources so they limit the number of simultaneous connections from your IP.

    I could be wrong but i have it on very good authority that download failed is caused by this most of the time.

    I started using CaptchaTronix a couple of days ago and it slowed SER so much it was crazy.
    Try turning off CaptchaTronix and let us know if LPM improves.

    I'll check your screenshots and get back to you on those.
  • goonergooner
    Other things:

    1) Captcha Services - You have CaptchaTronix set as 1st and Captcha Sniper 2nd. So as i understand it you are sending all captchas to CaptchaTronix first - But they only solve Recaptcha, so i think you should send to Captcha Sniper first and only send "hard to solve" captchas to CaptchaTronix

    2) Captcha Sniper - Our list is built with Captcha Breaker so i can't speak of the success rate you will get with Captcha Sniper.

    3) 50 threads - I don't think you can get good speed with only 50 threads.

    4) Outbound Links Filter - You have this checked, which will further reduce the number of targets you can post to.

    5) Allow posting again on same site - If you are using tiers, you should use this option for everything except tier 1. You can also use on tier 1 but that's your choice.

    6) You have a 2GB machine to run SER, Captcha Sniper and GSA Indexer. I would suggest your machine can't handle that load, what is CPU and memory usage like?

    7) You have search engines ticked, you don't need this if you are running a list. You are also using public proxies for scraping, speeds will not be good.

    8) You have "Use URLs linking on same verified" checked. My testing with this option shows it slows SER and doesn't get you very many more links. I would disable it.

    As you can see there is a lot of things you need to do to optimise your setup. Implement the above and it will run faster - I guarantee it :)

  • Thank's a lot :)
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