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Just bought 20 private proxies from InstantProxies...

edited July 2014 in Other / Mixed
They're alright for GSA but don't use them for PR checking, use them for really fast churn and burn tier 2/3 link spamming. 

If you want to be careful only posting to PR1+ domains or something like that, then use something else, because these seem to get banned instantly.

I also loaded them into SEO Powersuite and they were super-fast there. They're probably also good for a tool like Scrapebox.

Not bad for $20/month for 20 private proxies.


  • Are these the $1 private proxies Tim from Express Indexer was talking about? If so, I'd be interested and clicking through your affiliate link :)
  • Hey,

    I use instant proxies for scraping, and they are great! Amazing customer service as well. I highly recommend them.

  • Thank you @bangkoklad! I don't know about any Tim but they are indeed $1/proxy - really good price when you think how fast they are.

    Yeah @301Redirector their service was really quick to replace any proxies when I needed. A lady staff member came online to hear my problem almost instantly.

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