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How do I bulk edit main site URL for 55 projects?

I have 55 projects running all on my one single main site.

And now I want to update the main sites URL for all 55 projects at once.

How can I do that? I dont see that option at modify -> bulk edit single option for all?

Please advise.

Thanks for all help, and reading this.

Thank you thank you....


  • donaldbeckdonaldbeck Advanced SER Videos -> | Learn SER For Free Step By Step ->
    You could do a find and replace in all the files in a directory with something like notepad++.

    Just use C:\Users\YOUR-WINDOWS-USER\AppData\Roaming\GSA Search Engine Ranker\projects

    as the location for the find and replace, and replace the needed line in all *.prj files.
  • Can we have to add this edit main site url in bulk modify single option?
  • Hi @rickcarl, no need to add that option. You can do that already if you use %spinfile% in your URL field.


    First, create C:\Urls.txt and add all your urls into that file. Then use @donaldbeck's method to replace all your project's URL field. The next time you change or add any urls in C:\Urls.txt, all your 55 projects will update at once...

  • Hi guys,

    If you have different urls values for the .prj files, You can also do a search and replace using notepad++ with regex.

    e.g. : ^URL=.*
    Find that on notepad++ with the regular expression search mode ticked, and it will highlight the line. Then you can do the search and replace using that regex.

    another way too without using the macros, or if your current projects doesn't use the macro for the urls and you want to change it to macros, is through my product LazyBlue. You can see a video on how to edit the urls with lazyblue here:

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