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Help Optimizing

Can somebody help me over TeamViewer or something to optimize?

Basically, I'm running around 6 projects, all engines (including serengines), no imported lists, only searching (for keywords I use english kws from furykyle's premium list).

I have 710 private proxies, SV3 dedicated server from GreenCloudVPS, SERLists red list (latest, but I want to focus mainly on scraping - I followed all of their advice and I'm still getting a low LpM).

I'm getting around 20 lpm. Which is annoying, mainly because the amount I pay every month to sustain everything like proxies etc.

I don't know how to 'reward' you, but I can give you some emails from BanditIM or some proxies if you'd like.

I just want to make GSA a spamming machine again~

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