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Separate proxy lists from separate files for searching and posting

So I use "No Hands Proxies" for scraping public proxies. This is a really good proxy scraper (the best of all I have tried) and it allows you to dynamically output different types of proxies to different files, such as:

- Transparent non Google-passed proxies
- Transparent Google-passed proxies
- Anonymous non-Google-passed proxies
- Anonymous Google-passed proxies
... etc

Now these separate types of proxies have different uses. For example:

- Transparent Google-passed proxies can be used for searching in GSA
- Anonymous proxies (both non-Google passed and Google-passed) can be used for posting

It would be absolutely great if there was a feature in GSA where you can use these separate proxy list files for separate uses - one proxy list for searching, another proxy list for posting and maybe another proxy list for verifying. Currently, GSA allows you to differentiate proxies as public and private, but it can't do more than that. Apparently, this feature is already available in No Hands SEO.

It would be awesome if you could add this feature. Thanks. :)


  • Yes, I totally agree to add in this feature! It will be greatly enhance the proxies usage effectively.
  • xeroxiasxeroxias United States
    same here! i use NO Hand Proxies as well. one of the greatest proxy scraping software have ever used! However i wish there was an option in GSA where i can let it feed from the text file (listed proxies) every "x" minutes or so!
  • SvenSven
    xeroxias  already possible
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