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More proxies...more thraeds...same LPM?

I wanted to complete my projects faster so I bought some more proxies. Until today I had 50 proxies from BP and I was running at 300 threads with 30 sec timeout. And i was getting a LPM of 200 with 10 projects running. Now I have 80 proxies, 500 threads and 30 sec timeout and I have the same LPM.
What seems to be the problem here. I use CB and my own verified list.


  • s4nt0ss4nt0s Houston, Texas
    Is it making use of all those extra threads? If not, you might need to make more projects. 
  • I see 2 possible reasons for this
    1) U might not have the neccesary resources that ser needs or you capped you internet speed.
    2) those projects actually posted to the majority and now its posting to what it can,

    Hope this helps.
  • BrandonBrandon Reputation Management Pro
    When was the last time you verified your list? SER isn't the ideal way to harvest URLs to run through SER. It's great for many things, but slow in comparison to GScraper or  Scrapebox for scraping. Something is throttling your LPM most likely I would guess it's your list.

    With that said, LPM is a bad metric. All it shows is submitted links. Buy an AA blog comment list, set up 50 projects with the same link and you can easily get 1000 LPM.
  • Lately I have seen my LpM drop due to the CAPTCHA services I am using. I will sometimes "juggle" from one service to another and see a HUGE change in the LpM rate. My default is CB, but I am also using Captronix and ReverProxies OCR. Captronix sometimes will slow me down hard. So I turn it off, and things runs much better.

    Just a thought... something additional to try. Hope it helps.
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