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How to utilize 700 private proxies

I didn't buy these, but a friend of mine is using them for something completely different and authorized my IP, so... 500 free proxies...

I have 100 from another provider (they're expiring this month, not going to be renewing)..

and @peterngo91 bought 100 too, so we won't be renewing those either.

So, I have 700 now, 500 a month from now.

I did 1 sec delay on search engines and ran ser overnight, tested all proxies on Google and they're all still completely fine on Google.

Is it possible to make it 0 sec delay? or 0.4 or something?

also kinda irrelevant, but what's the best platform to get the most links out of? like the one GSA can process the quickest

before you say that i don't have any proxies... message me.




  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
    Is it possible to make it 0 sec delay? or 0.4 or something? yes 0 possible.

    but i don't think it makes sense

  • I'd use them with scrapebox to scrape for whatever you want, just keep the threads low and you can keep them scraping forever.
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