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Only Send to Certain Captcha Service on PR or Dofollow Condition

edited July 2014 in Feature Requests
Would be good if we could send captcha to services like deathbycaptcha only if the links meets a certain PR condition.


  • vijvij
    edited July 2014
    Even better if we could also send to certain captcha services only if a link is contextual.
  • Yes you can already do that. Only dofollow and by PR
  • vijvij
    edited July 2014
    I am not talking about a blanket filter on a project basis.

    I am saying - in any project we should be able to send all to GSA captcha breaker and only send PR>1 for instance to deathbycaptcha. Currently only the "retries" can be filtered that way...right?
  • Yes you can already do that,


    If this is not what you're asking for then I suggest you setup a new project only for contextuals, "Skip sites with a PR below 1", "Skip also unknown PR", "Try to skip creating Nofollow links", and "Ask all services to fill captchas".

    Other projects, "Ask 1st service to fill captchas". 1st service is CB...
  • vijvij
    edited July 2014
    The above option is only for retries. Not for the first try. Or have I got this wrong?

    I know we can setup like this already
    Project 1 - post using GSA captcha Breaker without deathbycaptcha
    Project 1 duplicate - Post to contextuals using Deathbycaptcha after setting PR filter on the whole project.
    I am requesting the feature as mentioned in the title to skip this extra duplicate project step.
  • SvenSven
    It's not only for retries.
  • vijvij
    edited July 2014
    Thanks Sven :)
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