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PA Increases

I am new to GSA and am experimenting a hell of a lot past couple of weeks.

I started my first efforts at increasing PA on 15 2.0s that i created, i basically hit them with everything for roughly 3 weeks and have checked there pa's today and they have all gone from PA 1 to between PA 29-42 my question is because i have been very aggressive is it likely that this PA wont stick and they will lose there PA or Google may de-index, or is it all good, I am continuing to build links to them regadless just to see what happens but it would be helpful if any one can share there results and findings.

I have been following guide lines from Ron and his boys since i bought my first list verified 2 weeks ago roughly, so looking forward to comparing my results from a conservative approach and an all out assault lol, just always good to get some experienced guys takes on all this. 

I'm loving it wish id got my arse in to the auotmated spam/link building years ago ;)

Mucho Gracias Amigos


  • ronron
    My ears must have been burning, lol.

    They will not lose PA/DA. That is a Moz metric, not Google, and it will continue. It does not care what you do it. It is not Google. Sorry, I already said that.

    Keep building it up. Maybe stick a couple authority links in there to Wiki or whatever (on posts further down), and then stop posting, and put your important exact anchor text link in the top post.

    And then build more authority. 
  • Thanks Ron you and your crew are turning out to be a god send, you've laready taken away the bit i was dreading mate, and that was building quality list to post to ;)

    Now between you's your also educating me also, Even though i look for advice i still going to test diffenet ideas like crazy, makes it interesting and has become highly addictive to me, i have honestly been titing about since 9am and its now 7.15am been out to the pool for an hour and thats it been stuck as it all this time ha ha

    Nearl time to sleep ;)
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