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SER does not stop submitting when set to the daily max level per URL

MaXMaX Portugal

I have set the number of total submissions in a day 10 ,  I am using "Indexer" in this case. I have 4 different URL all are individual projects and all have individual submission levels all set to a maximum of in between 4 - 9 submissions maximum per day per URL .

IN one particular case where the submission level was set to 4 per day for the URL SER kept on sending. As I was not near the computer I did not notice until 676 have been sent. A very dangerous situation. Can you please look into it. Also the other 3 URLs received way more submissions per URL as the setting I implemented


  • SvenSven
    answered that by email already. Next time use just one way to communicate.
  • MaXMaX Portugal
    I will do thank you
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