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Average results as far as "sumitted", "verified", and costs?

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Let me start of by saying I know that this type of question is VERY DEPENDENT on many different factors (CPU, RAM, internet speed, threads, niches, keywords, etc, etc), so please don't "flame" me. While I am new to GSA SER, I am very experienced with similar products, PCs, internet, etc.

I am wanting some "general" feedback to see how what I am doing compares to those that are more experienced. And I am sure some answers and guidelines in this area would be appreciated by users with less experience and expertise.

My question is about what others are experiencing as far as numbers submitted, verified, and the captcha costs involved in this process (BTW - you should be figuring this out!).

I am currently running on a little bit "slower" PC - Dual core Athlon, 3GB RAM, and a pretty fast internet connection. I am currently running 5 projects in GSA SER with 25 threads, and these are the results I am "averaging".

About 600 "submitted" per hour
About 60-70 "verified" per hour
About $5/day in DeathByCaptcha costs (very "approximate")

This means that for one day (24 hours), I would have about 14,000 submitted and 1500 verified. This comes out to $.00036 per submission and $.0033 per verified link.

Has anyone else done this calculation (for cost)?

What about success ratio? Mine is just over 10%. Is this good/bad/normal?


  • AlexRAlexR Cape Town
    Can you give us a little bit more info on your settings? E.g. PR, OBL, site lists, etc. This will allow us to check our results and give you some proper feedback. 

    I am getting about 10% submission to verification, but number of verified URL's varies drastically across projects! (each project has different settings)
  • Since I have five projects running (now 6), some of these options vary. I think two are set at PR1+ and less than 100 OBL. These projects are to my money pages. The other projects ignore PR and are set to less than 250 OBL. I have all projects set to "Use Global List".

    All of these projects are directed toward one niche and while I have a lot of keywords in each project (100-400), they are probably a little more narrowly focused than some other broader niches (like health, fitness, investing, etc.).
  • DavidA2
    are you using private proxies?

    because my stats are similar
    5 projects running from home with
    100 threads no restrictions on the domains
    with CaptchaSniper & antigate as backup captcha solver
    and I get about 4000 submission/700 verified per day for all projects
    but I am using public proxies
    can the proxies be the bottleneck ?
  • SvenSven
    Yes, public proxies will get you in trouble when you use them for search engines sooner or later as many people use them and might get blacklisted by the search engine. Same for some sites as they don't like proxies at all and refuse to accept your submission if they detect it is a proxy.
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