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Verified List - How to manage? Dofollow, PR filter?


I have few questions regarding the verified list. 

What's the best way to clean it up? WIth time the list gets bigger and bigger, and ofcourse some of the URLs would become dead. What is the way to make sure I clean up the dead ones, and am left with only good ones?

From the verified list, is it possible when I use them solely in a project, without scraping other URLs (using this method for example: to make sure that GSA posts to only let's say Dofollow ones with PR +2 or whatever. In the options tab, if I select the option to skip posting on nofollow, and to make the PR filter, would that be taken into consideration, or GSA just blasts all the verified links that I've chosen to import.

Also is it possible to post only on contextual dofollow links from the verified list, and the rest which do not match that criteria to be skipped? Again, selecting the platforms in the options, does that or no?

I know I explain everything so stupidly and complex, but I hope you know what I mean.

Thank You
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