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Quality Proxy Service for Google and other sites..

We offer Quality Proxy-service


  • Instant online proxycheck
  • Search by country, city, state, address and provider
  • You own history of requested proxy with recheck option
  • Always only new proxy (without dublicates) 
  • Search by any type: HTTP,HTTP Anon,SSL,SSL-Anon,Socks4,Socks5,Socks4+Socks5
  • Info about types of allowed requests
  • Proxies are checked in realtime before you got them
  • List view or with full info
  • you can get proxy lists by api request (proxy for selected site, ping timeout or type) 
  • Online check for specified site ex. google, vk, youtube, facebook, likest, avito.

We have about  4.500 live proxy and every day added new

Subscription 1 day (limit to 500 proxy) - 5 $
Subscription 1 month (unlimited) - 5 $ 
Subscription 1 year (unlimited) - 50 $

Contacts: ,  skype: norest.bebest , icq 10011005


  • 1 day 5$ and 1 month 5$??
  • goonergooner
    edited July 2014
    ^^ Confused about pricing too.
    Also, roughly how many Google passed proxies do you have?
  • I purchased and am trying to use this service. I'm not sure how to use it. I didn't even get an email with my key in it.

    I copied my key from the page that showed it to me, pasted it into the box and logged in. The selected check proxies and show expanded, then get proxies. Nothing happened, am not getting any proxies.
  • 1 month is 15$ , sorry , mistake) Google passes proxies now is 596 http and 70 socks. Very cheap prices now is a good promo :)
  • You can use panel with proxy options or get all proxylist in one by api

    Panel will get some delay if you check option: check proxies

    Let me know about any questions
  • Ok I got the list and imported into Gscraper. It was 499 proxies. Tested in gscraper and it was 47 passed proxies.

  • Got 1043 urls in 3 secons with 649 google proxy from gscrapper . Dont know where where see how much valid proxies there )
  • edited July 2014
    Well you must be having some other list than the link you put there for me. Because when I look at it and import it into gscraper theres only 499 proxies in it, and just about 10% actually passed google test. I can certainly video document this for you if you think I might be lying for no good reason. Why would I spend 5 bucks to test a service that has quality written in the title just to say this is not quality, or as advertised?

    I didnt say it wasnt quality, I am stating facts from user experience. The numbers I put are what was there from how you told me to use the service.

    Heres my pay pal transaction ID 9E297088VP820010M you can verify this on your end to see that I am your customer. If you can help me see the numbers you are saying on my end you wont lose a good paying customer.
  • goonergooner
    ^^ I signed up and tested in SER and got less than 100 working Google proxies too.

  • Our script test proxies for opening first and second page of google without captcha and get links from them. Then proxy mean good. I will debug gscrapper proto to see how it mean good or bad proxy. We have clients which use our links in their software in different commercial servers and have no complains, but i will see how thouse programs means proxy working and write here result. Thanks for your feedback
  • Really, there was a bug in a script, now there is true count of working google proxy
  • Up, there is more 10.000 live proxies now
  • Have anyone recently tried this service?
  • edited January 2015 
    your new proxy service

    • new engine of proxy checking, triple every proxy check

    • detailed stats of every proxy
      whois data
      by type : http,anon,ssl,elite,socks4,socks5
      selecting by different sites
      realtime check on 3 different servers

    • selecting by proxies for google wthout captcha, facebook, youtube etc.

    • all data in one page

    • very easy to select any proxy you need by country, speed, uptime and last check time

    Contacts: skype: norest.bebest
  • edited February 2016
    • Optimized scripts and added more-more-more features!

      • Pay-per-proxy shop , so you can buy single proxy or add proxies you like in cart
      • You can test any proxy for availability for google, facebook, etc...
      • You can open first page of specified site by selected proxy for check if it opens correctly
      • Smart proxycheck for ip:port
      • Online proxy checker - check list from file and from clipboard
      • Personal proxy request for specified site - you can get proxies authomated check for your site
      • You can now pay by Bitcoin!
      • Discount when download all list
    Welcome -
  • $15 for a month? but the price on page is $47
  • Now price is dynamic and depends from proxies in system
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