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Ranking YouTube Videos with GSA

Hello Guys

Lokking for some adivce or links to previous topics.

Am trying to rank youtune videos with GSA, im going for a 3 tiered approach, using the method taught by Ron and his crew.

Im struggling for anchor text ratios i should be using over the 3 tiers for the quality links and also what kind of anchor text i use for the power up tiers also that use more of the junk type links.

I have set uop severla campaigns using different ratios but want to knw what others are using and having success with.


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    paste this into google. You can learn everything about it in just a few clicks

     "rank youtube" site:
  • Thanks mate. Much apprecaited
  • Yep, you can apply that same kind of search to any website, like BHW etc. Very handy for doing quick research
  • Thanks a lot mate very helpful ;)

  • I'm pasting it in it just keeps taking me to main forum ?

  • I did a search for whole thing in google awesome... I think I get it now dang on :)

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    @seomarketer2011 & @Stepheng2014

    glad I could help. It's a very useful technique to finding the information you want from any website. Esp their content that you might want to repurpose lol  ;)
  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at

    For me no changes much with youtube vids after we know penguin update is going on ..

    Short and sweet very same old theory.

    1 . Build a video & Channel  (100% unique informative no sales page ) JUST INFORMATIVE!

    2 . Wait some days .. May be 2 - 3 weeks ... Make sure to optimize everything (Dont put any links instead authority links)  =========== This gives trust to your channel (normally i do this for 2 - 3 vids)

    3. Upload your monetized video and put links ... do on page SEO

    4. Go to SEOclerk and get some WEB 2.0 for it ( Just pay 5 - 10$) or Run your rankWYZ .FCSnetworker

    ( But now i am using SER engines instead of this great success )

    Here its :

    5. Run your SER with only contextual platforms (Uncheck engines which doesn't use for anchors) blast directly your Videos

    Very good and seriously happy verified list here and OP also confirmed works very good with U videos

    6. Blast WEB 2.0 with SER (kitchen sink with verified list )

    7. Wait some days normally i rank vids less than in a week

    once again i do this only for established accounts . (Follow step 1 )

    Hope these helps!

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    What anchors do you use and what percentages for each typeof anchor you use.

    8% main keyword and i use only 1
    12% secondary keywords i have between 5-10
    40% LSI usually over 800 or so phrases in here
    40% url links

    I currently have 20 or so similar projects running, targeting same kind of niche and same keywords trying to keep everything as identical as possible only altering the ratios above.

    Any input on what people are having success with though would be much appreciated.

    Once i have results from my test i will share on here.

  • nawshalenawshale Sales & Tech Support at
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    No anchors percentage at all . Just main anchor ..optimizing LSI 1% .
    I am talking about loads of spammy but yet good links.

  • Really, and you get good results and by the main anchor do you use just 1 anchor or several similar

    painter and decorator

    painters and decorators



    and LSI at 1% this maybe where I'm going wrong with really slow results.

    Your still ranking videos now like this, done like this do they turn out to be churn and burn or do they stick mate.

    Appreciate the info :)

    Am off to experiment with your advice.

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