too many Nike trainers threads

I'm sure many of you here have noticed an increasing number of spam posts on this very forum which bascially is a self attack of SER itself !

However, I don't understand why most of these posts are on Nike trainers (sneakers). Are they very profitable to sell?

Personally, I've never owned a pair and have no plan to buy any in the near future :))


  • Wondered this too. Loads of Nike Air spam around, as well as Ugg spam. I know that fashion companies are very generous with commissions, normally around 10%,  maybe that's why?
  • no - they are selling fakes as the real thing. Cost ~$1-2 a piece to manufacture, sell on for $60-160 and there is your markup. Also fraud, copyright infringement, etc etc
  • Yeah so web spam is dominated by Nike and email spam by Viagra then :))
  • goonergooner
    As oppose to the real ones which cost $10 to manufacture and then sell for $160 lol
  • Hmm, selling fakes directly. Interesting. Cutting out the middle man :D
  • zerozero yashar
    They are contextual links... so....
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