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GSA Pulling Sitelist From >1 Folder Simulateniously

I think I have seen this somewhere, but cant find it.

How to make GSA run Site List from more than 1 Folder( Identified/Verified).

Project 1 -- Pulls Site list form folder "Identified 1"
Project 2 -- pulls Site list from folder "Identified 2"



  • Besides the Identified and Verified folders, you can also use the Submitted and Failed folders.

    First enable your global verified list,

    * Note * Do NOT check Identified, Submitted, and Failed.

    Then import your lists,

    - List #1 to Identified
    - List #2 to Submitted
    - List #3 to Failed

    Select which list you want to use in your project options,


    Uncheck Verified if you don't want to mix the list. It will contain verified urls from all 3 lists.

    Project 1 -- Pulls Site list form folder "Identified"
    Project 2 -- Pulls Site list from folder "Submitted"
    Project 3 -- Pulls Site list from folder "Failed"

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