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Question for Gscraper Users

Hi guys, i am new to scraping and recently bought Gscraper. I have a question regarding using Proxies with Gscraper.

I recently signed up with Proxy service where they said they will send me proxy list 2-3 times a day.

Say if my Gscraper is running with proxy set 1 and then after few hours they send me proxy set 2, will i need to stop the scrapping , add new proxies and then start the scrapping again with proxy set 2?

I do not see "Pause scrapping" option in Gscrape.

Can you guys give me more info on this,


  • Save proxies you get from your provider for example in location C:\proxies.txt Tell gscraper to reimport proxies from this file every 5 minutes. When you get new set of proxies save them to C:\proxies.txt . With this method you dont have to stop harvesting.
  • The proxies which i get are in bulk, they send like 10-15k proxies at a time, and i then load into Gscraper and click "Remove invalid proxies", and then left with around 5k proxies.

    With your method, will Gscraper automatically load proxies, remove invalid ones and then scrape? Also the issue is they send proxy list in night, so its hard to set any fix time.

    I have this question. Say i have clicked "Stop Scrape", loaded new proxies and clicked "Start Scrape", will it start scraping from point where it stopped or it start scrapping from start?
  • goonergooner
    @itsme - If you hit stop, it removes all used keywords. So continues again from where it left off.

    But you can just test them in SER, save valid proxies to a file like "good proxies". Upload that to Dropbox and then have Gscraper load new proxies from it every hour.

    So no matter what time you change proxies, it will be maximum 1 hour before GS starts using the new ones.
  • Thanks guys.
  • @itsme How gscraper it's working for you? I'm spending like $50 per month in lists, some times more, and Gscraper is $68 lifetime... my only problem is about the proxies. The plans from gscraper is $66 per month.

    This is huge for me because I'm already with 50 semi dedi from buyproxies.

    Btw I want to scrape mostly contextual links, and don't shit links :D
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    Gscrape works fine, even i buy lot of lists but most of the lists gets spammed to death in few days since many people buy and then these lists also gets shared on forums where 1000 other download and spam the sites.

    So, its always good to build your own list. Even i mainly scrape contextual links.

    I use 3rd party proxy service, cost $30/month.
  • @luckskywalker - Gscraper proxies are endless. I think in a few days, I got a billion proxies from their server... so needless to say.. you won't have any issues scraping at killer speeds.

    I don't subscribe monthly, but quarterly as it saves a bit and it's nice knowing I have some time before I have to renew again.
  • @itsme This proxies are you using are fast? And yes, even if the seller sells only 24 copys. A lot of people make group buy and it's leaked in a lot of forums.

    @zero thanks for your opinion :)
  • luckskywalker , i am not 100% sure if they are fast or not because i have not used any other proxy service, but i do get decent number of links per day with each scrapping session.

    From what i have read, Gscraper proxies are slow.
  • @itsme Got it. Can you send me this service on here or my PM please?
  • it's only available if you have the software and it only works with gscraper.
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