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GreenCloudVPS Proxy Stealing & Tampering? Thumbs down.

Well, so far... terrible experience with GreenCloud.

Bought SV3 instead of FR7 because it looked better, completely forgot that it wasn't what I wanted (was looking at the server list link after I viewed thread and picked wrong one).

Ordered, got it. Server only had IE and I installed chrome, GSA.

Next I come and see that my server language is changed to vietnamese and the proxies tab on gsa is open

I don't know if I'm the one that left the proxies window open, but I'm pretty sure I clicked "OK" after because I did start GSA after configuring everything (only reason that I believe someone was tampering with my server is because the language was changed to vietnamese and proxies tab was open, guessing I caught him in the middle of it? idek).

The server is indeed from OVH, and I was told he had his own hardware by him multiple times -- I don't know why I couldn't just go to OVH and get the same server for half the price and cut the middleman (and proxy stealing/server tampering).

I asked for a refund, and he said no. Then I asked again, and he said: "Sorry, not possible :("

I've currently stopped all GSA tools, uninstalled them, and I'm waiting for a refund from him.

I honestly don't want to dispute with PayPal and deal with the case, and if I lose, call Chase and dispute from there, so I hope he does comply because this has really gotten on my nerves.

Does anybody have any experiences like this with them? I know there are countless good reviews and not a single bad one on the thread (as far as I know). Also, any other good server provider that I can run GSA on without proxies and that can handle Scrapebox, SER, CB, Xrumer and GScraper (scraping with proxy service they provide)?

Still looking for someone reliable.


  • edited July 2014 is what I use. I haven't had any problems
    Hello, We answered all your questions on Ticket. If you made this drama just for refund then I will have to said 'It's not possible' again. The server is yours when we delivered it to you and nobody has access to it. We have moneyback guarantee for our VPs only. You can ask around, almost no provider offers refund for dedicated servers.
  • Sorry to hear about your trouble. I remember recommending them to you the other day in another thread. I have been using them for a few months now. Started on the seo4 vps and then upgraded them all to dedi servers. I did get a part refund on some of the seo4 vps as they were being upgraded and had only recently been purchased. Never had to ask for a refund on the dedi servers though.

    If you had got the FR7, I would have happily taken it off your hands. lol I only have one of those and am looking at getting 3 more, perhaps next month. But the SV3 is no good to me unfortunately. I just ordered an FR2 as the FR3's are out of stock. I have all my servers with them and have experienced no issues at all. Hence why I'm still happy to recommend them.

    You may want to try going direct through ovh. I did that once a few years back and had to pay someone to install the windows license for me, just so I could save some money on the monthly sub for it. This was a bit beyond my technical skills.

    I could go direct again, but I just find it easier to use a "middleman" like greencloud and have a server up and running, ready to install my software.
  • ronron
    @Yashar - Proxy stealing? Come on mate. None of our proxies are valuable to any of those guys. What I find troubling is to accuse somebody of that when you yourself are not even sure you left the proxy screen open.

    They are good guys, and that's why there are so many positive reviews. I personally think you should kiss and make up.
  • @ronβ€Œ what about verified site lists? Is the OP using your serlists? Maybe they've been nicked too :))
  • NDTN, that's not the problem.

    The problem is that you're lying about having your own hardware multiple times. I could have gone to OVH and purchased my own server for half the cost and cut the middleman, and terrible support.

    Nobody provides refunds? Oh. Right. SolidSEOVPS does. OVH, where you're reselling from does.

    PowerUpHosting does within 72 hours. I asked you within a few hours of having my server:

    I would think it's a mistake on my side, but the fact that the language was also changed to Vietnamese, that is why.

    sickseo, it's not your fault at all. I'd recommend them too if they provided at least decent service, but I've only caught the owner on Skype once and that was when I first added him.

    Anyways... I have no choice but to keep using my server until Aug 20 since NDTN doesn't really own his own hardware and is just a reseller (off of a host that does provide refunds, lmao).
    @Yashar: First, the keyboard language could be changed by Windows if you re-login. In addition, the server is yours when we deliver it to you and nobody else has access to it. We have 7 days moneyback guarantee for our VPS, not for dedicated servers, I tried to explain it to you multiple times on ticket. Not sure if SolidSEO or Poweruphosting provide moneyback for their dedicated, but OVH does not have that. 
  • It would be wonderful if you could get on Skype.
  • Well, I was worried at the title, as was thinking of trying these out.  But thankfully from reading this it looks like the OP has gone over the top a little. 

    I have servers in different countries and the language always changes (mainly back to Turkish!), this is a Windows thing.

    I think the "who owns the hardware" issue is pretty irrelevant IMO. So what if they are a reseller, so are a lot of people, in fact most out there. They rent them off a data centre and do what they want with them.  Again it does not matter about OVH's refund policy, you signed up with GreenCloud and if they do not give refunds on dedi's in their policy, then this is what you have signed up for and agreed so you are not entitled a refund.
  • Actually it doesn't matter if solidseovps has a refund policy. I have purchased dedicated servers from multiple hosting companies and i have never came across any refund policy for dedicated servers mainly because it takes time and effort for them to deploy the servers.

    Yashar, i recommend you to scan the computer which connects to your server for any malware as well as changing your server password.

  • SupraTRDSupraTRD New Jersy
    Do a scan with malware bytes.. and make sure no malwares. May be someone ratting you lol!

    I want to tell these guys are great.Noticed many people claim lately with lack of support. I had to contact them today after 2min they replied me. Their support is totally awesome and there servers rock.

  • sorry to see him accusing Green Cloud i have been with them 3rd month and no such issues so far , beyond that he is accusing based on doubts not proof.
  • goonergooner
    Just a warning guys, i know full well that certain companies are resellers. But i'm more than happy to use them because i have gone direct to some of these servers companies and been banned for abuse/spam complaints. That is never a problem with resellers.

    As for stealing proxies and sitelists, well that's the chance you take.
    Your indexing guys could be stealing your links, your rank tracking guys could be stealing your niches, your neighbour could be stealing your wifi - That's the chance we all take :D
  • ronron
    edited July 2014
    ^^Brilliantly said @gooner. This post should be bronzed and hung on a wall!
  • Too bad greencloudvps did not work out well for me
    This mainly due to very bad mouse response and enormous variations in the server upload/download capacity
    and i did not want to agrue about - so i moved
    I have done a double payment and asked for that refund
    and they immediately did,
    To me they are very trustworthy + alert helpdesk
    only their problem solving is 1. refund or 2. move new server (they already install without consulting me!) - both options were not what i was hoping for

    again i think they are ok,
    only not for me, so i moved and pay some more elsewhere.
    Thank you guys for all your kind words! We solved the problem with Yashar now as his server is running fine (with ron's help I think).
    @HarryNL: If you opened a ticket about the issue we can help you out with it. Anyway good luck with your new provider :)
  • @NDTN I did open several tickets without the result I was hoping for!
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