VPS Plans - What should I choose?

Hi guys! I have been searching a lot the past hours and I found some decent VPS plans for my boy, GSA SER.

Price = $31,5 monthly
CPU Cores = 2
RAM = 3 GB

Berman Hosting
Price = $28,5 monthly
CPU Cores = 2 (x3,4Ghz)
RAM = 2 GB

Price = $30 monthly
CPU Cores = 2 (x3,5Ghz)
RAM = 2 GB

Price = $35 monthly
CPU Cores = 4
RAM = 4 GB

And also a very, insanely cheap plan.

Price = $40-$100
CPU Cores = Varies
RAM = Varies

What should I choose?
(I know PowerUpHosting has teamed up with GSA but I see better options at the table)


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    SER and CB don't use that much ram. But both can be very CPU intensive, so the more VCPU cores you can get your hands on, the better. A lot of hosts will let you tack on extra CPU's with lower ram plans.

    you can also check out vpswindows.biz. I use them. 20% off with BHW-20 code. Most other providers can't touch those prices.

    However, if you are going to need support, then you should go with a provider that will provide a fully managed solution, like power up or solid SEO vps. vpswindows.biz has real cheap prices because they are pretty much unmanaged unless you pay for support, and you have to install your OS yourself (not that its hard). They might install it for you if you don't know how to, not sure.
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    To be honest with you, I would never recommend anyone to buy a vps. Just get a dedicated server and you're sure that all the resources are dedicated to you and you avoid providers overselling their servers.

    OVH should be a solid provider, but you should also take a look at http://www.online.net/en/dedicated-server and https://www.datashack.net/dedicated/

    As the_other_dude says then you should go for CPU power (I'd always go for an intel xeon CPU with as many cores and threads as possible) and a fast hdd. 5-6 gb ram should be more than enough for an OS, SER, and CB.

    Edit: some providers allow you to install the OS yourself through KVM which allows you to save money on their extra monthly charges for a license.
  • Just bought a linux dedi from data shack for some of my websites :D thanks for throwing me that bone @fakenickahl
  • @the_other_dude, I'm glad I could help buddy :)
  • @fakenickahl I don't quite have the budget atm to afford my own dedicated server. I bought a VPS from PowerUpHosting. better safe than sorry :)
  • For the same price as some of those VPS's they offer you could get a dedi at datashack, maybe even one with hyper threaded CPU's B)

    They had a couple AMD dedis i was looking at. Less than 50 bucks a month (about 35 with windows).. I'm not a fan of AMD AT ALL but man its still got to be better than a VPS

    The dedi I got is 50 bucks a month with an intel i7 hyper threaded (on linux would have been 75 with windows). My websites are flying right now. Never seen an IPB forum so fast
  • @the_other_dude‌ sorry I'm not very technical but can you run SER and CB on Linux and, if so, what's the performance like?
  • solidseovpssolidseovps solidseovps.com

    Flying on datashack? first time to hear it, all client moving to us for the fact that they have very slow uplink 20-30mbit/sec that it

    Same like volumedrive, people raved and raved about it and many got screwed after..

    If you wanted a linux dedicated, you could have used our $39.99 offer that was here on this forum with 8GB Xeon E3-1220 2x1TB Sata on 1gbps uplink and its true 1gbps


    We did try to get it to work on all way on linux, wine and all ways we know of, I can tell you this 100% GSA wont run on linux and who tell you it would, we would be glad to be prove us wrong about it

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    @bangkoklad no not running SER on Linux. I wouldnt even waste time messing with that honestly. If you read a few comments up you will see that I mentioned I bought a dedi for my actual websites, and I am real happy with the performance for the price so far. Beats the pants off the SSD VPS I had my real websites on (not my SEO websites I use SER on)

    @solidseovps Hey sounds like a good deal, but I never saw it. Already bought a server, havent tested DL speed. Probably wont my sites are doing real good right now. But as you know, its just the first day. Theres many more days to observe to get a better understanding of how datashack operates.

    If you guys drop another deal like that make sure to post it everywhere. I'll probably come check you out.
  • @the_other_dude Seems like an awesome deal. What deal did you get? Cause every deal with Cpanel is $25+ from the original price.

    But with windows you can get this dedicated server extremely cheap. (Will it be ready to use with GSA or what if i buy one?)
  • @solidseovps, SER is flying on all my servers from datashack as well. It's a great provider, and what's this bullshit about 30mbps? I had 50mbps on one server, but I contacted support and they figured out they had made a mistake which they quickly corrected. Additionally I don't think I've ever waited more than 5 minutes for a response from their support, it's usually 2-3 minutes 24/7.
  • solidseovpssolidseovps solidseovps.com

    Great to hear this
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    @Hericlitus I already have a cpanel license from buycpanel.com (or something like that) I do not need a hosting providers license for cpanel/WHM
  • If you are an aggresive but not a heavy ser user i would suggest you to go with this one
    Price = $31,5 monthly
    CPU Cores = 2
    RAM = 3 GB 

    If you max it out you can always use scheduler. 
  • Bulletproofvps has bulletproof servers as low as $40.00.   I use the $55.00   Turbo Charge plan.

    3 core 10Gb   even though it says only 8GB.    Best of all you don't need proxies to post which really speeds up things.

  • https://console.online.net/en/order/server


    There you go, then install your own windows copy via KVM and you're good to go (takes a bit of time to learn/implement but once done, it's all well worth it.)

    - Dedicated server with truly full resources for yourself.
    - No monthly licence fee.
    - No paying double every month (more beers to enjoy)

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    Don't use datashack, as a heavy gsa user, they blocked my dedi every few days claiming "ddos atacks".
    Online.net, ovh are solid choices.

  • @the_other_dude I used to have vpswindows.biz for like 5-6 months, but something told me that it's kinda slow and I'm not getting all my resources, so I purchased a promo Dedicated from Seo Solid and guess what? My GSA is capable of building 200x of links I used to build with my old VPS. Before I could get 20,000 submitted per day, and now I'm getting 300,000+ per day. Same settings, same amount of proxies, same threads.
  • @cefege and @bangkoklad

    is online.net spam friendly or you need to use proxies?

    how did you guys install windows on these servers yourselves?
    any tutorial links you guys used in particular?

  • bangkokladbangkoklad online
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    Installation Windows Server 2008 R2 KVM:

    KVM How to Install Configure and Create Virtual M…:

    Basically, create a virtual machine running Windows inside Linux itself. Works like a charm and you don't need to pay monthly licence fee.

    All these vps providers you see around are just resellers of dedicated server companies (ovh, online.net, soyoustart etc.) and while they can do a good job setting things up for you, you're effectively paying double every month for their service.

    If you look around, you can find your own dedi server that is even cheaper than a resold vps :)

    p.s. you'll need proxies for your SEO tools.
  • ronron SERLists.com
    ^^Wow. Very smart. Nice post @bangkoklad!
  • @ron‌

    It's like buying two identical pairs of Adidas trainers. One from a retailer on Oxford Street. The other from a factory in China :))
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    @bangkoklad thank you for those links and info =D> ^:)^ much appreciated.
  • Thank you guys for the advertisements. (thanks those too who really put up some usefull information too) 
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    Nice tutorials. I personally installed vmware workstation(works on windows and linux) and created my vm from there very easy. You can get a key for vmware from pb;)
  • just go with online.net or kimsufi.com or soyoustart.com
    here is another tutorial to install windows.

    as long as you are not going for bulletproof, stop using vps and please stop paying $40-50 for a vps

  • some advice please guys..
    i'm getting close to running 150+ projects now. should i be looking at getting a dedicated VPS now?

  • ronron SERLists.com
    @william88 - Yeah you are there. The biggest piece of advice or encouragement I can give you to get a dedi is that the sheer power allows you to run all of those projects simultaneously - without using the scheduler. It also powers along at a much greater LPM speed. Put those 2 together, and it is impossible to ever use a VPS again.
  • ron, thank you.
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    HELLO Guys,

    Thank you so much for the great information, I'm a newbie in GSA and i just purchased SER and CB earlier today. I have a better understanding in the Basic setup in GSA. I have I only have 1 client and i need to rank my 3 sites.

    What is my next step guys? Do you recommend me to buy the dedicated server for a newbie like me? I'm from Philippines and there is no good VPS provider in our place, i tried to order in Berman hosting and Bulletproof VPS before but im getting a log connection and the reason that they said is my location are far away from the server. are they correct?

    - I have done setting up the Proxy
    - I already have Serlists

    What did i messed guys?

    Thank you so much
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