How to get links indexed in Bing?

Hey guys,

So I've noticed that I can't get my GSA links indexed in Bing. I've tried building tiers and a few indexing services but they are still not showing up. I checked back on links that i built 2 months ago and they are still not indexed.

75 Percent of the links are indexed in Google but not Bing. Does anyone got any insights into this?

Thanks in advance.


  • I have been wondering about this as well.

    Can CB break the captcha? If so, maybe there can be an external tool that uses CB to submit links to bing (maybe an addon to seo indexer)
  • Are you verifying if the root domains are indexed in bing/yahoo?
  • @yougotmymoney

    I would say more then half of the sites are indexed in Bing.


    One thing I have noticed is that in Bing Webmaster Tools, it shows that one of my sites has 800 backlinks, but only shows 11 in their index. Maybe they are still crediting the links even though they are not indexed?
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    I just did a check on the top site for one of the top 3 kws for car insurance in the US.
    It had around 300k links from 3500 domains according to AHREFS.
    Out of those 3500 it showed about 960 as indexed.
    I expected a lot of the not-indexed domains were false neg's, so maybe about 1/2 indexed domains.
    Also consider that Bing won't index nearly as many url's as Google, I spot checked one site in bing had 72 pages indexed and google had close to 300.
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    Bing is looking for different criteria for indexing than google.. yahoo even more strange ,,
  • Thanks guys for the replies.

    For anyone who is wondering, I never really figured out how to index GSA links in bing.

    The best thing that works is just tiering them with GSA blog comments/guestbook posts.

    The good news is that PBNs and Web 2.0s index with GSA tier2s which is really all you need.
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