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Food For Thought - Stop Complaining

I see everyone blaming Sven for timeout issues, sockerror issues and complaining that it's SER that's wrong and not their proxies.

Then they downgrade SER and say "downgraded, still nothing. you need to fix this ASAP".

Sockerror has to do with your proxies. New flash: if you're using shared proxies, stop.

I personally use 100 dedicated from proxy-n-vpn, 100 dedicated from buyproxies and 30 shared from buyproxies.

As you can see, I have a lot more dedicated than shared. Shared proxies are being hammered by up to two other people (if you ask me, I think the proxy providers resell to more than 3 people for the shared proxies. They can't be proven selling to more than 3 anyway).

So you run the risk of having your proxies used on random SEO tools abusing Google at max threads by random people you don't even know.

Then when your shared proxy that's being used by 5 other people can't connect to the site that you scraped that takes 5 minutes to load because there are 14,000 comments on it, you complain.

Buy dedicated proxies (buyproxies is really good). Set the right ratio of proxy:threads. Configure your timeout correctly, and last, but not least: stop complaining.


  • How do you know your private proxies are not being shared with anyone else either?
  • Because I (ab)use my proxies 24/7 with 4x more threads than shared proxies and I've received minimal errors.
  • i believe every proxy regardless of private or shared has a limited number of connections. For shared, it would be easier for one person to hit the max connections and thus causing the error to pop up on other users' log

  • It's so easy. Even if each of the 5 users only used 20 and hit the 100 limit (which I doubt they would use so little connections, like 20), it would be unusable until there are enough free for the software to use.
  • Most troubles in life come from the gasket between the computer screen and the seat (YOU)! I've got plenty of proof of it in my own case :)
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    @yashar your theory made sense so I broke out the paypal and bought a bunch of "dedicated" proxies from buyproxies. I then removed all of my semi-dedicated ones.

    Using only dedicated proxies I'm still getting a crap load of sock errors right off the bat and continuously scrolling down the log. Still getting just as many sockerrors as before.

    It was worth a try but it did not help one bit in my case. This is not to be considered a complaint because I have just ignored this up to now. I just felt obligated to let everyone know my lack of results.

  • Mike,

    I switched from 200 shared proxies from newipnow to 100 from buyproxies and 100 from proxy-n-vpn.

    My LpM went from 80 to 250+.

    Oh, and having 10 dedicated proxies isn't going to be of any help if you run a shit load of threads, didn't think it'd be that hard of a concept.
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    I'm not running that many projects.

    I previously used ten semi dedicated and increased all the way to 30 semi dedicated and that did not get rid of the sock errors.

    Now I'm only running 100 threads with 10 new dedicated proxies and the sock errors are continuous-  and they started immediately as soon as I hit the start button with the brand new proxies. So I do not know how these dedicated proxies could have been "used up by others" if I just started using them (and they are supposed to be dedicated only to me)

    Maybe Ill try lowering the threads to 50 and see if that helps.

    What would you keep your html timeout at in my case? (I'm at 150 seconds now) 

    What would be the ideal custom time between search queries? (I'm at 180 seconds now)

  • You're using proxies for submission/verification/search engines. So basically, every thread is using a proxy and continuously.

    I'm running 200 dedicated proxies on 700 threads.
  • I got 10 private from Solidseovps and no matter how many threads i use my log is full of errors plus "no egines matches". It's more like ppl giving feedback, not complaining. Dont think ppl not respect @Sven's work. Just want to help get SER better and eliminate bugs, and use this uber tool at full potential.
  • no engine matches is what the footprint editor was made for
    since the footprints like "leave a comment" can be used for more engines than general blogs, if it is not recognized by gsa but scraped with the footprint, it will say no engine matches

    find some better footprints that are more specific and edit with ser footprint editor like i did
  • I just used default footprints to scrape and have this on verified SER list, so i dont know what to do. Go for every engine and finds additional footprints and put it there? 
  • @Yashar U ever considered that ppl can't actually afford 200 dedicated proxies yet?
  • @Chess4532, your level of knowledge is surprising. You know that you don't need 200, right?
    You can use a lower number, but 10 is not enough for hundreds of threads.
  • i agree with you,guys,IMO the best private proxies are from sslprivateproxy if anyone wants a special coupon,pm me.. those guys have the best support system ever!
  • nobody was even talking about sslprivateproxy so idek what you're on about
  • Seems like a joke :D

    I never used shared proxies I am using only private dedicated and semi dedicated proxies from buy proxies and private dedicated proxies from proxy hub.

    How can you enplane why we don't have problem when using old version of SER?
    If you proxies are great and you want to prove that SER is is pls send us provatly for test proxies which will not give sock error. The same I ask from  @Sven .

    If proxy provider says that their proxies are good and Sven says that SER is also good so!!! from where this stupid error comes?
  • shared proxies = semi dedicated proxies
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