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Captcha Settings Process - Do I have this right?

Hi Team,

Just wanted to make sure I had my facts right in relation to captcha solving setup ie how CB settings integrate with those inside SER as both have the capability to insert external account details. 

By having my captcha solving accounts locked and loaded in SER these are the services that will be utilised in order of that priority - pretty happy with that

How do the settings inside CB fit into the mix eg if I input my spamvilla account inside CB, check the setting that says send only marked types, and then go to "other" and "recaptcha" right click and choose "toggle use of captcha servcie" does this now override everything else (ie the main settings inside SER) and just send the recaptchas here directly?

Just a bit unsure how to use / not use the account settings inside CB noting we can put all of our accounts inside SER

Appreciate your support


  • No, CB does not override captcha settings in SER.

    SER will still send recaptchas to Spamvilla, and if there is no answer, it will send to CB. CB then recognise it as recaptcha and will send it to Spamvilla again...

    However, I don't recommend using external services in CB, as it will greatly slow down CB + SER. CB is not fully multi-threaded and its performance (speed) will suffer when it has to wait for a response/answer from your external service. SER, on the other hand is fully multi-threaded...
  • OK cheers, that makes sense.  So if you just have it inside SER, are those captchas that are successfully solved included in the stats inside CB by way of "recognized" and then individually in the "captcha type".  Just looking for a way to know if the external services are value for money.

    Tks again.
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