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Awaiting Account Verification? How many days?

Hello friends, i scraped some links in scrapebox and used on gsa.

I have around 500 links - Drupal Blog. All links appear "Awaiting Account Verification".

How many time i need wait to see if it will be verified?

Because my verification is set automatically and 500 links / 0 verified. (bad rate)..

Any suggestions?


  • SvenSven
    check your emails please. It shouldn't take too long (a couple of hours) till they get removed due to being unable to verify.
  • edited July 2014
    @Sven all working fine.. i already tested.. pop is enabled and all mensages go to inbox. I'm using hotmail. My problem not is e-mail..
  • SvenSven
    so you see ser logging in and reading the emails when using "Active (email verify only)" as status? 
  • @Sven yes it read emails, but weird, much verifications waiting but gsa not read... and my emails working fine... pop3 enabled and all emails contains @ go to inbox (hotmail)...

  • SvenSven
    1 email only...thats indeed strange. Try to delete the file *email_done in the project folder and start the project...please post what it does then.
  • @sven where i find it? I can't find here on GSA folder the project and email_done folders... thanks
  • Try here,

    C:\Users\Administrator\AppData\Roaming\GSA Search Engine Ranker\projects\

    you may have to replace "Administrator" with your user name...
  • @sven not have email_done in that project i'm running... only in other projects...
  • SvenSven
    edited July 2014
    sorry don't know what to do or how to help here. maybe offer access to the vps/pc via remote login?
  • @Sven yes, u have skype or something for me send for you and we contact? Thanks
  • SvenSven
    ok made some changes. though I don't see why i should give support for someone using cracks (CS).
  • Not solved my problem.. created now 800 links and 0 verified ....
  • SvenSven
    issues with CS cracks or email verification? Turnt he project to Verify Emails Only and have a look on the log if login/email checking is possible at all.
  • I have exactly the same problem.. Tried and deleted the email_done files but neither this worked..

    Any ideas ?
  • I know.. That's why i wrote here.. I don't use catch all by simple email addresses...
  • Sorry.. I meant "BUT"

    I don't use catch all but simple email addresses...
  • @Metster how i solve this? I don't solved, i'm using yahoo emails with spamvilla and not getting verified links with my article scraped sites...
  • I had this same problem and here's what I did to solve it:

    1. Switch from public to private proxies for posting
    2. Set a delay of 900 seconds for logging into an email
    3. Use proxies for email logging in.
  • I use private proxies, have a delay of 1500 or more..

    The Use Proxies for email logging in don't think that has to do about it cause ser is accessing the email account without a problem..
  • Did you solve this problem? I am having this problem again.
  • No i dont solved :(
  • Catch all emails from SEO Spartans seems to be working.
  • My problem not is with emails, anyway thanks...

  • Having this same problem now. Loads of submissions of different engine types but most are "awaiting account verification". 
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