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Can someone tell me why I get so many "already successful" messages

I am using a paid for list and it was completely rocking. Then I updated my gsa ser and I started noticing a bunch of already successful messages and the lpm dropped a bit. Now its about a week later and the LPM has dropped out, and all I see is already successful and already parsed. Any body have an idea on what I should do so it skips over all the already successful and starts going to the rest of the urls? I am using rons ser list (by the way I highly recommend it) Thanks community!


  • SvenSven
    already successful is shown if that url / domain is already in the verified list of that project.
  • Thanks gents for getting back. I think I understand. So when I cleared the Target URL Cache, and my LPM's jumped back up to 80, that's probably because it was submitting to duplicates to URLs it'd already submitted to?
  • ronron
    I don't think that would have done it. Maybe you generally cleaned the pipes and you made it more efficient, but it sounds like you also did something else. Deleting old submitteds can have a big impact - maybe you did that as well?
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